WFTDA Playoffs

D1M 3rd Place: #4 Montréal punches champs ticket over #3 Bay Area, 178-166

D1M 3rd Place: #4 Montréal punches champs ticket over #3 Bay Area, 178-166 Photo credit: Matthew Becker Photography.

MONTRÉAL, QC – The #3 seed Bay Area has been to the last four consecutive WFTDA Championships, while Montréal—and all Canadian teams—have never earned an invitation. In a situation familiar to the 2013 and 2015 New Skids, Montréal found themselves in the bronze medal game, but this time, in front of a home crowd. The game was tense and close throughout, but a smart New Skids side were able to take advantage of the final jam, earning the 178-166 win.

New to 2016 WFTDA Playoffs: Nidaros Roller Derby

New to 2016 WFTDA Playoffs: Nidaros Roller Derby Photo credit: Erlend Lånke Solbu

Getting an invite to one of WFTDA’s Tournaments is a huge goal for many roller derby leagues, and this year five teams achieved that dream for the very first time. Last week we talked about the goals and plans of the UK’s Rainy City Roller Derby, and today we have another team from Europe, Nidaros Roller Derby.

As the first Norwegian team to make it this far, Nidaros has already traveled great distances to get a place in the top 60 teams. In fact, you may remember some of their stories when we featured them in an article last year. Having journeyed to the United States Midwest earlier this year, they will be returning this month, but this time it will be for Division 2 Playoffs. Here, we’ll be focusing in on their many tournament experiences and how the World Cup helped their skaters gain more than just a chance to play Team USA.

2016 WFTDA June Rankings and Tournament Seeding

2016 WFTDA June Rankings and Tournament Seeding Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

Today, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association released its June rankings along with the 2016 Playoff seeding. Each year the WFTDA tournament season seems to become more and more “International” and this year Playoffs include a record high of 14 teams from outside the United States, coming from six different countries. Although still contained to the continent of North America, this is the second year tournaments will extend outside U.S. borders with with two taking place in Canada.

While that small growth spurt is exciting, there’s still a long way to go for the International WFTDA scene to balance out. Want to bring WFTDA tournaments to your region in 2017? Put in a bid by August 8th to host one next year.

Read on to see who managed to earn a spot in the top 60 just in time, who declined their invite, and where to find your favorite teams this fall.

2015 WFTDA Rankings Review

2015 WFTDA Rankings Review Photo Credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

The WFTDA had released its first rankings update since Championships, and as of November 30th, 2015 it’s not really surprising that Gotham is still #1 even though they suffered their first loss in 5 years at the hands of Rose City. Since a team’s ranking is comprised of an average of points earned from 12 months of games, things can take awhile to change as more games are played. (For more information, go here for the rankings white papers.)

Here are some highlights of where things lay now in the top 100 ranked teams compared to January.

D2 Champs: Nashville Denies Demolition City, 232-91

D2 Champs: Nashville Denies Demolition City, 232-91 Image credit Quick'N'Derby

ST. PAUL, MN– The 2015 WFTDA Championships kicked off with the first Division 2 semi-final game between WFTDA-ranked #46, Nashville, the #1 seed out of the Detroit playoff, and the #29 Demolition City, #2 seed from Cleveland.

Demolition City’s performance at Playoffs helped them leap-frog the Music City All-Stars in the rankings, but gameplay illustrated the team may have landed a bit too high, as Nashville controlled most of the game.

Demolition City was missing Lickety-Splint from their jammer rotation, who had been a key jammer in Cleveland, and they struggled to get their jammers out of the pack first. While Nashville looked like the same team we saw at Playoffs, only more focused and calm, which helped them to their 232-91 win against the Dynamite Dolls, emphatically securing their place in the final D2 game on Sunday at 2pm CST.