WFTDA Playoffs

#16 Dublin takes down #9 No Coast, 166-165

#16 Dublin takes down #9 No Coast, 166-165 Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography.

In their first game on Friday, #49-ranked No Coast was able to pull away from #48 Ohio and stay in control, leading to their 72-point win. Their scoring was not spread evenly among their jammers, however, as Slam took the track and the weight of scoring for their second game, having already scored 119 points that day. #58 Dublin had a wider, more consistent jammer rotation which helped them put up big points at crucial moments.

Meeting for the last game of the day on Track 1, No Coast and Dublin played the closest, most exciting game of the day with a spot at Championships on the line. After three lead changes, the game came down to the final seconds of the game, and Dublin was able to steal the win by one point, 166-165.

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: E-Ville Roller Derby

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: E-Ville Roller Derby Photo credit: Matt Duboff Photography.

E-Ville Roller Derby is one of four Canadian teams who qualified for WFTDA Playoffs this year. They join the list of seven teams making the trip for the first time in 2017.

Although the team is located in North America, travel can still be a big undertaking for Canadian teams. E-Ville has been around for over a decade, but they only recently became a member of WFTDA.

Read on to see how their journey will take them from Edmonton, Alberta, to Pittsburgh, PA, this weekend for Division 2 Playoffs.

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Pirate City Rollers

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Pirate City Rollers Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

So far we have highlighted a few teams from Europe that are debuting at WFTDA Playoffs this season, but now sail with us over to New Zealand to get to know the Pirate City Rollers.

As the team of firsts for leagues in Aotearoa, Pirate City’s desire to make it to WFTDA tournaments helped them overcome various obstacles due to their location. Pirate City was established in 2006, and formed its all-star team—the All Scars—in 2009. This weekend in Pittsburgh, this team from Auckland finally gets their chance at a bracket in WFTDA postseason.

Top 10 Things to Do While Waiting for the WFTDA Playoff Announcement

Top 10 Things to Do While Waiting for the WFTDA Playoff Announcement Photo credit: Sean Hale

This Friday WFTDA will release the rankings for June which will also include seeding for the 2017 Playoff tournaments. This year things are a little different with only three Division 1 Playoff locations, dual tracks for Division 2 Playoffs with their Champs being played on the same weekend, and only 54 spots for teams in the postseason this year. It will also be the first time a WFTDA tournament is being held outside North America with the Crime City Rollers hosting a D1 Playoff in Malmö, Sweden.

It’s safe to say the anticipation is even greater this year with a higher bar to reach and likely a different set of teams needing to make overseas travel plans. After a stress-inducing fight to the Hydra last year and some interesting competition so far in 2017, it seems as if there’s no shoo-in for Champs this year. If you need help passing the time until Friday, Sean Hale has got a few things to keep you busy.

D1M: #3 Minnesota steam rolls #6 Helsinki, 337-109

D1M: #3 Minnesota steam rolls #6 Helsinki, 337-109 Photo Credit Joe Mac

MADISON, WI – #3 Minnesota showed no mercy as they took advantage of #6 Helsinki’s penalty issues early on, resulting in a highly lopsided game. Mounting an early lead and never looking back, the great wall of St. Paul appeared on point with their well-known defense, while Helsinki showed promise and tenacity.

Ultimately, the Finns couldn’t mount a comeback as their jammers were boxed repeatedly and Minnesota’s patience and experience were palpable as Helsinki were dismantled to the effect of 337-109.