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2016 WFTDA Champs: D1 Preview – Day 2

2016 WFTDA Champs: D1 Preview – Day 2 Photo credit: Roller Derby on Film.

The 2016 WFTDA Champs will take place in Portland, Oregon this weekend, starting Friday, November 4, and will continue through Sunday, November 6. Like last year’s tournament’s final day, the games on Sunday of the 2016 WFTDA Champs will be broadcast on ESPN3.

The Rose City Rollers – who, like all entering #1 seeds for Division 1, have a bye on Friday – will have a chance to defend their title on their home turf of Portland. Each #1 seed entered their respective playoff in the top position and maintained their position to enter this Champs tournament at the same seeding. In this single elimination tournament, each #1 seed will face the victors of the first round games played on Friday, providing each team with one last chance to scout their competition.

Depending on who wins the first round, we may see new match ups in Game 5 and Game 7. Whether we see rematches of last year’s Championships play out again this year remains to be seen. With each of these teams boasting strong, consistent defense and high scoring jammers, Day 2 will be an intense battle.

D1V: #1 Victoria vanquishes #2 Angel City, 143-140

D1V: #1 Victoria vanquishes #2 Angel City, 143-140 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

VANCOUVER, BC- The first place game between #2 tournament seed Angel City and #1 Victoria, determining who will get a bye in Portland, OR at WFTDA Champs in November, was a rollercoaster of lead changes and penalties that came down to the very last jam.

Both teams had played impressively well throughout the weekend, to that point – including Angel City’s record setting high score against Sacred in the first day of play – which gave few indicators as to how this particular game might go down. The result was a game riddled with jammer penalties for Victoria, and showcasing the strong offense-defense switches of Angel City who held game lead for much of play, that ultimately came down to the final game minutes, when Victoria claimed victory.

Earlier in the season at the Big O, ACDG lost to VRDL 183-94, and though Victoria came out on top in this contest as well, it proved to be a very different game.  Victoria pulled out this win in the final jam, to take 1st place at the 2016 D1 International WFTDA Vancouver Playoffs, ultimately defeating Angel City, 143-140.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Central

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Central Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

We are now entering weekend number five for WFTDA Playoffs, and the third Division 1 tournament. Half of the D1 Championships bracket is already filled out, and the top three finishers of this weekend will join London, Texas, Montréal, Rose City, Denver, and Jacksonville in Portland this November. If you want to see how those teams punched their tickets, read up on the games from Montréal and Columbia.

To read more about the ten teams attending the Playoff tournament this weekend browse our Vancouver preview.

D1V: #1 Victoria rings #4 Philly’s bell, 258-61

D1V: #1 Victoria rings #4 Philly’s bell, 258-61 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

VANCOUVER, BC – In their first match up in almost two years, Saturday afternoon pitted Victorian Roller Derby League of Melbourne, VIC, Australia (#2 in WFTDA) against Philly Roller Derby of Philadelphia, PA, USA (#13 in WFTDA). While both teams would mount similar blocking styles, Philly simply couldn’t control the onslaught of scoring by Victoria, and the Australians secured their spot at Champs with a win 258-61.

D1V: #1 Victoria tops #8 Stockholm, 387-36

D1V: #1 Victoria tops #8 Stockholm, 387-36 Photo credit: Derby With Recess

VANCOUVER, BC – After #2 seed Angel City took a massive win over the #7 seed Sacred City in Game 4, #1 seed Victorian continued the trend in by shutting #8 seed Stockholm out in the first half of Game 5. Stockholm did manage to get on the board in the second half, but with a #2 WFTDA-ranked team taking on #30, Victoria had strong control of the game from start to finish.