Treasure Valley Roller Derby

#8 Ohio Overshadows #13 Treasure Valley, 220-113

#8 Ohio Overshadows #13 Treasure Valley, 220-113 Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Following an early lead from #13 Treasure Valley, and a subsequent back-and-forth battle for control of the game, a blistering 73-18 run from Ohio to finish out the half sent their Idaho-based opponents home empty-handed.

A trio of powerful jamming performances from Gorges Curves, Val Holla and Pain Train further extended Ohio’s lead in the second half to give them the win, 220-113. They emerged with a berth against #5 Oklahoma, and a guarantee that they’ll finish out the weekend without dropping below a #10 exit.

2015 WFTDA D2 Playoffs: Cleveland Central

2015 WFTDA D2 Playoffs: Cleveland Central Photo by Danforth Johnson.

WFTDA playoffs begin with Division 2 in Cleveland, Ohio. Teams ranked 41-60 get invites to D2 playoffs, and are split into two brackets. The top two finishing teams this weekend will head to Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota November 6th-8th to take on the top two finishers from Detroit’s D2 bracket.

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D2C: #10 Brandywine (#62) addles #4 Treasure Valley (#49), 216-157

D2C: #10 Brandywine (#62) addles #4 Treasure Valley (#49), 216-157 Photo by Danforth Johnson

CLEVELAND,OH – Saturday morning’s first bout saw Brandywine revisit the track to take on Treasure Valley after last night’s 9-point loss to St. Chux. What started as another closely matched contest ramped up into a widening lead for Brandywine after a very physical and penalty-heavy second half, sealing their victory, 216-157, and opening up the chance for the #10 seed to depart this tournament with a potential 5th or 6th place finish.

D1C: # 5 Demolition City (#50 ) destroys # 4 Treasure Valley (#49 ), 241-65

D1C: # 5 Demolition City (#50 ) destroys # 4 Treasure Valley (#49 ), 241-65 Photo credit Danforth Johnson

CLEVELAND,OH — The two teams might have seemed about as close as seeded teams can be on paper, but they didn’t play like it, with Demolition City holding play in tight control for jam after jam. And while they used every inch of track and time they could, Treasure Valley couldn’t return from the widening point gap. Demolition City eventually took the game by a firm 241-65.

WFTDA D2 Preview: Cleveland

WFTDA D2 Preview: Cleveland Photo by Quick N Derby.

The 2015 WFTDA Tournaments kick off this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio with one of the two Division 2 brackets. Division 2 play ahead looks a lot different this season, as lots of movement in the rankings has displaced many long time top 40 teams into D2s, and others out of tournaments altogether. Six of the participating teams this weekend played in a D1 bracket last year, making this year’s D2 tournament season one packed with experience.

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