Top 10 Things to Do While Waiting for the WFTDA Playoff Announcement

Top 10 Things to Do While Waiting for the WFTDA Playoff Announcement Photo credit: Sean Hale

This Friday WFTDA will release the rankings for June which will also include seeding for the 2017 Playoff tournaments. This year things are a little different with only three Division 1 Playoff locations, dual tracks for Division 2 Playoffs with their Champs being played on the same weekend, and only 54 spots for teams in the postseason this year. It will also be the first time a WFTDA tournament is being held outside North America with the Crime City Rollers hosting a D1 Playoff in Malmö, Sweden.

It’s safe to say the anticipation is even greater this year with a higher bar to reach and likely a different set of teams needing to make overseas travel plans. After a stress-inducing fight to the Hydra last year and some interesting competition so far in 2017, it seems as if there’s no shoo-in for Champs this year. If you need help passing the time until Friday, Sean Hale has got a few things to keep you busy.

Six Tips for Surviving a Roller Derby Tournament

Six Tips for Surviving a Roller Derby Tournament Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography.

When people within the roller derby community talk about surviving a tournament, we are often referring to skaters or officials, the ones who are most active during these weekend-long events. But with tournament season starting earlier and earlier, we thought it best to provide a survival guide to roller derby fans. So, before you head to the Big O, ECDX, Mayhem, or any of the other looming derby events, let’s make sure your best plan is in place!

One Year of DC: On mourning, community and the love of derby

One Year of DC: On mourning, community and the love of derby Photo Credit: Danforth Johnson.

It’s been a year, roller derby. A year of Derby Central. One year since a handful of people turned to each other and knew they weren’t done reporting for you in the middle of WFTDA tournaments.

Or, I guess what I should actually say is – it’s been a year and a few weeks. Because much like in 2014, tournament season is an intensely demanding beast that can drain the life out of even the most enthused of editors and writers with the need to keep step with the incredible quality of play in front of us in arenas across America, or on screens we view from our home towns.

Online Photo Usage in Roller Derby

Online Photo Usage in Roller Derby Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Playoffs are over and with the WFTDA Championship weekend on the horizon, images captured by photographers are sprawling across social media and video is being archived for you to view forever and ever. After more than a decade of this sport’s second life, we are living in the era of digital everything. This version of the sport is covered better than it ever has been in the last 80 years, and there are millions of images that have been captured. So much so, that we will never be able to see them all. The ones we do see make the memories that much more pliable, and we will be able to go back and see them for years to come.