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February WFTDA Rankings and Beyond

February WFTDA Rankings and Beyond Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

The WFTDA posted their February 29th rankings. This month shows no movement in teams 1-39, but that won’t be the case by the end of the month as many teams are kicking off the start of the season with a tournament. Leagues are slowly coming out of the ‘off season’ or wrapping up their home team season, so there have yet to be many competitive, sanctioned games to really have an impact on the rankings.

The last we saw about WFTDA rankings it was November 30th and we were just cooling off from the excitement of Championships in St. Paul. Let’s take a look at who is already causing a stir in 2016, and what sanctioned events are on the horizon to mix things up further.

2015 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Omaha Central

2015 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Omaha Central Photo by Danforth Johnson.

As we enter the last weekend of Playoff games in 2015, we have 10 more teams battling to take the last 3 open positions at the WFTDA Champships in St. Paul. In Omaha we will see if anyone can take Gotham out before we get to the final tournament, and Minnesota, Angel City, and Windy City will also be fighting to make a return to Champs this year. Check out our full weekend preview to catch up on how the teams did this season.

D1O: #5 Windy City Powers Past #8 Toronto, 215-138

D1O: #5 Windy City Powers Past #8 Toronto, 215-138 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

OMAHA, NE—The 9th place game at the final playoff tournament for 2015 saw two teams that struggled throughout the 2015 season for different reasons; Windy dealt with retirements and transfers while Toronto powered through retirements, moves, and injuries. Throughout this playoff, both Windy City and Toronto had trouble keeping their jammers out of the box and their blockers on the track. In the final game, Windy City reeled in their penalties, committing only four jammer penalties (all in the first half). Toronto’s penalty woes, however, continued into this game. CN Power committed a total of ten jammer penalties, five per half. Despite earning a higher lead percentage in the first half, 52.2% compared to Windy City’s 43.5%, Toronto CN Power were unable to retain the lead. Windy City took control of the second half with a lead percentage of 61.5 and won the game, 215-138.

D1O: #9 Queen City Crowned Victorious Against #8 Toronto, 232-229

D1O: #9 Queen City Crowned Victorious Against #8 Toronto, 232-229 Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

OMAHA, NE– With Toronto ranked #32 in WFTDA and Queen City #33, this game stayed fairly tight for the entire 60 minutes, but was ran by penalties since each team earned almost 50 apiece. Many jams were long and tiring for jammers as Toronto ended the game with 16 jammer penalties, Queen City earning 17. Despite their penalty troubles and getting fewer lead status calls, Queen City ultimately proved why they got a D1 invite this year and won the game in the final minutes, 232-229.

WFTDA D1 Preview: Omaha

WFTDA D1 Preview: Omaha Photo by Danforth Johnson.

This weekend will be the final round of WFTDA Playoffs to determine which final 3 teams will be heading to St. Paul for Championships in November. Kansas City (#45), Demolition City (#50), Nashville (#43), and Sacred City (#44) are all headed to Champs from Division 2 to battle it out for the top D2 placements. For D1 the top 3 from Omaha will join Victoria (#3), Bay Area (#6), Arch Rival (#11), Rose City (#2), Texas (#7), Rat City (#15), London (#4), Jacksonville (#9), and Denver (#5).

This last bracket sees a first time playoff trip for Helsinki, as well as 5-time WFTDA Champions Gotham coming in at the top, and Queen City hits D1 near the bottom after spending 2 years in Division 2. In the middle is a very different looking Windy City Rollers who despite some returning and emerging talent, run the risk of placing the lowest they ever have at playoffs in their derby career.