The Big O

2017 Big O WFTDA Briefing

2017 Big O WFTDA Briefing Photo credit: Benma Photo.

Coming up this weekend: the annual Big O Invitational in Eugene, Oregon (USA). While there have already been a few high-level tournaments already this season, this has become one of the most highly anticipated WFTDA Recognized Tournaments since it’s the first time we see many of the top-ranked teams back on the track each year.

There will be a few exciting rematches from last year, some new teams to watch, and plenty of roller derby on three tracks for three days. Are you ready?

Keep on reading for a quick briefing on the WFTDA and Junior teams in attendance. You can also check out our coverage of the MRDA briefing by Muckety Muck, as well as some tournament survival tips for fans by Sean Hale. Streaming of all three tracks will be done through and all WFTDA rankings are from today’s April 30th release.

VRDL overcomes a slow start against ACDG, wins 183-94

VRDL overcomes a slow start against ACDG, wins 183-94 Photo credit: Matt Becker Photography.

When Angel City and Victoria met Sunday afternoon at the Big O, the #2-ranked Australians already had three wins behind them, including one against the 2015 Champions Rose City. There was a lot of uncertainty prior to the weekend as it was the first time playing sanctioned games this season for most of the teams attending the invitational, but it came as a surprise to most to see #7 (March Rankings) Angel City hold Victoria scoreless for the first five minutes. 

With their recent transfer from VRDL, Tui Lyon, Angel City seemed to have gotten all of her insider knowledge to take control of the game from the start. Victoria is used to playing patiently however, and with just 11 skaters seeing track time, they turned things around and took a solid win, 183-94.

The Big O Preview: Part 3 MRDA & JRDA

The Big O Preview: Part 3 MRDA & JRDA GateKeepers vs Bridgetown at 2015 MRDA Champs. Photo credit: Kit Ruff - ShutHerUp Photography.

In addition to the WFTDA-sanctioned action featured this weekend at The Big O invitational in Eugene, Oregon, thirteen sanctioned games from the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) will be showcased at the fifth installment of the annual flat-track event, as well as 8 Junior Roller Derby games.

Both the defending MRDA champions and the league that placed third overall will be a part of the nine-team Big O complexion, six of which appeared at 2015’s post-season finale. Catch these games on and keep tabs on our Big O Central page (coming soon) for score updates and more. 

Off-Track Banter: Tui Lyon

Off-Track Banter: Tui Lyon Photo by Matt Becker

Roller derby has been nothing short of a roaring worldwide adventure for Tui Lyon. She started her derby career with Victorian Roller Derby League in 2008. Then, following a  two-year stint as skater, coach, and captain at Tiger Bay in Wales, Tui went back to Australia to play another four years with Victoria, helping them capture the bronze medal at last year’s WFTDA Championship tournament.

The Big O Preview: Part 1 WFTDA

The Big O Preview: Part 1 WFTDA Texas vs Victoria from 2015 Champs. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Hosting the Big O since 2012, Emerald City Roller Derby has put together perhaps the most exciting lineup yet, with 7 of the top 10 WFTDA leagues attending, 4 different countries, MRDA leagues, Junior leagues, and expo bouts by both the women’s and men’s USA national teams. This will also be the first look at most of the teams attending, and with a list of skaters from around the world either retiring or moving between teams, there are some revised rosters that will be tested this weekend.

This WFTDA Recognized Tournament will not only air on, but 2 games on Saturday night will be broadcast on ESPN3, like the final day of WFTDA Championships was last fall. Check back to our Big O Central page (coming soon) for scores, recaps, and more. Follow us on Twitter (@CentralDerby) and Instagram (@DerbyCentral) for updates as the weekend progresses as well.