Terminal City Roller Girls

D1M: #8 Detroit stops #10 Terminal City, 257-181

D1M: #8 Detroit stops #10 Terminal City, 257-181 Photo Credit Peter Troest

MALMO, SWEDEN – Detroit started off this game strong with smooth jamming up the outside lines, and strong defense that resulted in a dominant first half.

In the second half, Terminal City was able to earn lead status roughly half of the time, which helped combat some blocker penalties that began to take their on the team toll late in the game.

Despite the penalty trouble, Terminal City did mount a comeback attempt in the last third of the second half, but it came too late to surpass the early lead Detroit built. In the end, Detroit carried the win, 257 – 181.

D1V: #5 Terminal City escapes #8 Stockholm, 207-152

D1V: #5 Terminal City escapes #8 Stockholm, 207-152 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

VANCOUVER, BC – Saturday night of WFTDA Division 1 playoffs in Vancouver closed out with the Terminal City All-Stars playing against the Stockholm All-Stars for the first time in their respective team history. Both teams met in this game to fight for a spot against Queen City in the battle for 5th place. 

A big early jam by Terminal City set up the points trading and rush pattern of scoring for the team for the first game half. After returning from the half with fire in their bellies, the host team put a scoring shut down on their opponents, by controlling lead jammer status, with limited exceptions.The rest of the half saw penalties take their toll on Stockholm, who fought back with points grabs that wouldn’t be able to make up the differential. They ultimately came away with the win, 207-152.

The 2016 Big O WFTDA Review, Part Deux

The 2016 Big O WFTDA Review, Part Deux Photo credit: Danny Ngan Photography. facebook.com/dannynganphotography

EUGENE, OR – As mentioned in the WFTDA Review Part 1, the Big O was the first chance this season for many teams to test their tournament endurance, use newer lineups, and fine tune some strategies. For six of the teams in this part of our review however, they had already hit the track prior to the Big O, so this was more of a progress report for them in 2016 as the end of June and the tournament cut off period nears.

D1T: #2 Bay Areaaaaaa (#6) beats #7 Terminal City (#27), 251-77

TUCSON, AZ—Game 4 featured a slow-starting Bay Area against Terminal City and after a bit of back and forth, it ended with Bay Area firmly in control. This season has been an interesting one for Bay Area, with only 12 skaters remaining from last year’s charter and multiple transfers, BAD has taken its time to gel and make their style of play work for them. Throughout this year, Bay Area struggled more than anything to score, amd today against Terminal City Bay Area seemed to find an answer, 251-77.

D1T: #7 Terminal City (#27) Terminates #10 Tri-City (#40), 328-90

D1T: #7 Terminal City (#27) Terminates #10 Tri-City (#40), 328-90 Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography. facebook.com/donnaOphoto

TUCSON, AZ – In the battle of the Canadians, Terminal City were ahead by seeding and ranking. They were also game leaders throughout, holding Tri-City to minimal point additions throughout the entirety of the game, save an impressive single 23-point jam in the final game quarter from Crazy Squirrel. Maiden Sane’s jamming skills really peaked in the second half as a flagging defensive line from each team left jammers to blow through pass after pass, adding points significantly in the final minutes of the game.

Ultimately, Terminal City’s stronger bracing and defensive lines, along with the combined forces of highest point scorers Maiden Sane at 171, followed distantly by Evada Peron with 72. They took TCRG’s points beyond any reclaiming for the Onatarians, and finished the game with a devastating win, 328-90.