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Independence Day Q&A with Kenbo Slice of Team USA

Independence Day Q&A with Kenbo Slice of Team USA Photo credit: Photography by D.E.sign.

It’s July 4th and in the United States most people are celebrating the day with fireworks and hot dogs. We thought we would bring you a short Q&A with Kenneth “Kenbo Slice” Austin from the New York Shock Exchange and the Men’s Team USA roster as the Men’s  World Cup draws near.

On July 21st, 21 teams will gather in Calgary for the second edition of the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup. From Thursday through Sunday games will be played on 2 tracks with games on the first 2 days running just 30 minutes, while games on Saturday and Sunday will all be full length. For more information, check out the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup page.

A Decade of Derby with Varla Vendetta

A Decade of Derby with Varla Vendetta Photo by Danforth Johnson

I’ve probably tried to write this post 15 times in the last month, every time, it gets longer and longer. How do you sum up a pivotal decade of your life?! I am not complaining. The reflection has put a smile on my face throughout every attempt.

2014 Roller Derby World Cup Central

Well, after 4 days, 30 countries, and 71 games, the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup is over, and USA remains the world champion. Below are scores and brackets from the weekend and links to day and game recaps from the weekend.

Roller Derby World Cup – Team USA offs Team England, 219-105

Roller Derby World Cup – Team USA offs Team England, 219-105 Photo by Danforth Johnson

DALLAS,TX – After a long weekend, around 70 games, and 3043 total points scored by Team USA to their opponents’ 197, they fought their way to a convincing 1st place win in the 2nd Roller Derby World Cup. Of all of their opponents, England gave the United States the hardest battle and gained the majority of points scored against them. The teams brought a rowdy conclusion to the weekend complete with off the track rivalry in the stands, with a final game score of 219-105, Team USA’s lowest scoring game in the competition.

Roller Derby World Cup – USA mixes up AUS in the Semi-Finals

Roller Derby World Cup – USA mixes up AUS in the Semi-Finals Hugs all around. Photo by Danforth Johnson

DALLAS, TX – Australia started the game strong both defensively and offensively, while the USA was slow to come alive.  For the first 15 minutes of the first half Australia consistently got their jammers out of the pack quickly through a combination of a couple of different offensive strategies and star passes. The Australians found success by swarming Team USA’s wall and racking USA blockers toward the center of the track, opening the inside and outside lines for their jammers to pass through. Defensively, Australia was extremely impressive. Their backwards-bracing walls proved difficult for Scald Eagle, V-Diva and Jackie Daniels to break though, often holding them in the pack for 30 seconds. Nicole Williams also had trouble breaking through Australia’s four wall and uncharacteristically did not earn lead jammer status for a number of jams. Shortstop had an amazing half and managed to slip through the cracks in the USA’s walls for an impressive lead percentage.