2017 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Seattle Central

The 2017 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs start in Seattle, Washington, this weekend, September 1st-3rd, hosted by the Rat City Rollergirls. Within the new WFTDA tournament format, it will be the top four placing teams that will advance to Championships this November in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Teams below are listed with their Playoff seeding first and their June 30th WFTDA Ranking in parenthesis. Local time for the tournament is Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Watch the games on and follow our Playoff coverage here and on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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D1S: #8 2×4 muscles past #10 Ann Arbor, 255-105

D1S: #8 2×4 muscles past #10 Ann Arbor, 255-105 Photo credit: Hellslinger.

SEATTLE, WA – In their first WFTDA Playoff tournament, #24-ranked 2×4 Roller Derby got to play three different kinds of games this weekend. Their first was a close game against #9 seed Windy City – a battle that got revenge for 2×4 over their previous much larger loss against the team. Next, they were pitted against the #1 seed and current Hydra holder, the Rose City Rollers. The team were outmatched against the Wheels of Justice, but used every tool in their toolbox and star passed their way to a valiant loss against a hard opponent.

Today the team took on #10 seed Ann Arbor in a consolation game, and dominated the Michigan team from start to finish,  wrapping up their weekend with a 150-point win. Ann Arbor had only one game previously in the weekend – a 280-99 loss to Tampa on Friday – with a day off in between to prepare for this game. Penalties set Ann Arbor behind from the start, and after giving 2×4 everything they had, the team managed to break 100 points this time, with a 255-105 loss to Team Osom.

D1S: #2 Angel City rises past #6 Rat City, 224-142

D1S: #2 Angel City rises past #6 Rat City, 224-142 Photo credit: Hellslinger.

SEATTLE, WA – These two west coast teams have met six times in the past with a 3-3 split result. The last time they played was at Division 1 Playoffs last year in Vancouver where Angel City beat Rat City 256-64. This weekend, Rat City had the benefit of being the home team and showed some firepower already this weekend when they took down #3 seed Jacksonville by 16 points.

This was an aggressive, well-matched game with both teams playing explosive offense and blockers who had key knockouts at the right moment. Despite picking up 15 more total penalties, their ability to reform and quickly change from offense to defense gave Angel City the edge they needed to defeat Rat City 224-142.

D1S: # 14 Montréal bests #10 Bay Area, 203-154

D1S: # 14 Montréal bests #10 Bay Area, 203-154 Photo credit: Hellslinger.

SEATTLE, WA – The first game of Day 2 at the WFTDA D1 Playoffs showcased a familiar matchup between Montréal and Bay Area. Montréal beat Bay Area at last years playoffs, cutting BAD’s post season short as the win propelled Montréal to Champs. While Bay Area’s roster saw significant changes during the offseason, history repeated itself, as Montréal knocked BAD into the consolation bracket, winning 203-154.

D1S: #2 Angel City takes down #7 Tampa, 287-87

D1S: #2 Angel City takes down #7 Tampa, 287-87 Photo credit: Hellslinger.

SEATTLE, WA – The quarter finals started off with #2 Angel City facing #7 Tampa Roller Derby. The new playoff structure makes it very easy for the 1-4 seeds to get into championships, having to now only win one game to a significantly lower see to earn a berth. Though Tampa-sized, the flamingos of Florida were not going to let the Sequoias win without a valiant fight.

The odds were high in Angel’s favor. Their season has been stacked with difficult opponents and they’ve only fallen to Rose City and Victoria. Tampa has been finding their groove this season. A 3-point loss to Rat City at Tiny Tourney was followed by larger losses to Philly and Montreal. Since last playoffs, eight players have been moved up from the Tampa Bruise Crew, their B-team. Angel is known for their brutalizing defense, and Tampa is known for controlled gameplay; the divergent approaches to the game made it an interesting match-up to watch.