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2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Central

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Central Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

We are now entering weekend number five for WFTDA Playoffs, and the third Division 1 tournament. Half of the D1 Championships bracket is already filled out, and the top three finishers of this weekend will join London, Texas, Montréal, Rose City, Denver, and Jacksonville in Portland this November. If you want to see how those teams punched their tickets, read up on the games from Montréal and Columbia.

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D1V: #8 Stockholm demolishes #7 Sacred City, 252-109

D1V: #8 Stockholm demolishes #7 Sacred City, 252-109 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

VANCOUVER, BC – The 7th place bracket was awarded to Stockholm, as they finish very close to last year’s 7th place win in D1 Dallas. This showing was a bit different, though, as Stockholm Roller Derby’s All-Stars showcased offensive maneuvers and especially beautiful jamming footwork.

Despite Sacred City having shown why they are a tough 28th ranking in the WFTDA, their 8th place win in the tournament is not a reflection in their attitude throughout the weekend. Stockholm cheerfully accepted their opponents with graceful respect in a win over the Sacrifiers 252 to 109.

D1V #9: Queen City dethrones #7 Sacred City, 242-160

D1V #9: Queen City dethrones #7 Sacred City, 242-160 Photo credit: Joe Mac

VANCOUVER, BC – While both teams,#9 Queen City and #7 Sacred City, seemed fairly evenly matched in terms of blocking and jammer strength, major penalty trouble throughout the entire game on Sacred City’s side left them at a large disadvantage in this game. They were unable to overtake Queen City after the first few jams. After a tough fight by both teams, Queen City took the win, 242 to 160.

D1V: #2 Angel City outshines #7 Sacred City, 602-45

D1V: #2 Angel City outshines #7 Sacred City, 602-45 Photo credit: Derby With Recess

VANCOUVER, BC – Angel City set up an epic clamp-down with their quickly reforming defensive walls, and strategic offensive bids, with it taking over 15 minutes before Sacred City’s The 4closer was able to put in one single jam 10-point addition on a powerjam start. Only one further tiny four-point addition that whole half for Sacred City saw Angel City’s climb almost unrelenting.

In the second half, Sacred City visibly realized that strong offensive plays were their only hope, and started sliding in small points grabs. But Angel City kept skyrocketing the score so that the game ended 602-45, reportedly the highest number of points ever scored by one team at a playoffs game.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Preview

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Preview Photo credit: Danny Ngan Photography.

This coming weekend in Vancouver will be a bracket full of teams who have their eyes on the prize: the top three exit spots. Yes, that could be said of every tournament weekend, but this particular playoff has a number of teams that are particularly motivated to make it to the top.

Hosts, Terminal City, will be looking to prove themselves to their home fans. Stockholm is going to want to represent Europe in the top 12. Victoria is likely to be interested in both validating their epic travel miles by earning a bye into the Champs bracket, and prove that their WFTDA #2 ranking is no joke. Philly will be wanting to return to Champs after missing out on a trip last year for the first time in the history of WFTDA play. And #4 seed Rat City is going to want to prove that they can repeat their win earlier in the year against #2 Angel City, while ACDG is looking to show that that was a fluke game.

In fact, all of the teams involved will have fires lit under them. This should be an interesting weekend. May we live in interesting times.