Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

D1M: #2 Texas tramples #10 Rocky Mountain, 391-32

D1M: #2 Texas tramples #10 Rocky Mountain, 391-32 Photo credit Matthew Becker

MONTRÉAL, QC – #10 seed Rocky Mountain’s slim 155-151 win against #7 Kallio in the morning pitted the 5280 Fight Club against a fresh #2 seed Texas team. From opposite ends of the bracket, this meant that the #38 WFTDA ranked RMRG was taking on the #6-ranked Texacutioners, and unfortunately for Rocky, this rankings gap showed in the score.

Holding them scoreless for nearly the entire first half, Texas’s consistent lead status and onslaught of scoring was interrupted in the final minutes of the game when Fiona Grapple finally got Rocky Mountain on the board with three points. With a more successful second half, they were able to add in a few more scoring jams, but Texas took a dominate win, 391-32.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Montréal Central

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Montréal Central Photo credit: Juan Paden.

This weekend’s tournament in Montréal will kick off the Division 1 portion of WFTDA Playoffs and start the road towards the Hydra. This is the most internationally diverse bracket with teams representing the United States, Canada, England, Finland, and Australia. This will be Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s debut in WFTDA post season, and you can learn more about how they got this far here. For a quick round up of the teams and their initial match ups, check out our Montréal preview.

D1M 7th Place: #10 Rocky Mountain extinguishes Detroit, 196-195

D1M 7th Place: #10 Rocky Mountain extinguishes Detroit, 196-195 Photo credit: Matthew Becker Photography.

MONTRÉAL, QC – Detroit and Rocky Mountain came in as the lowest seeds of the Montreal tournament, but played for 7th place today, both bettering their seed just by doing so. The game was close start to finish, concluding in a stressful last jam where both jammers went to the both. In the end, Rocky Mountain was able to squeak by Detroit, winning 196-195, and claiming seventh place.

D1M: #6 Boston Narrowly Escapes #10 Rocky, 186-164

D1M: #6 Boston Narrowly Escapes #10 Rocky, 186-164 Photo credit: Duane Baker Photography.

MONTRÉAL, QC – After a dramatic 1-point game over Sun State earlier in the day, #6 Boston faced #10 Rocky to decide who would advance to play for 5th and 7th, respectively. In a surprisingly tight contest (considering the ranking difference), similar styles of play resulted in relatively split stats across the board: lead designation (46% vs. 51%, favoring Rocky), penalties (27 vs. 35, also favoring Rocky), and power jams (10 vs. 9, favoring Boston).

Both teams relied on braced 2-wall defense while sending designated offense (when full packs afforded such), again, showing very similar results as the game showcased many lead changes and momentum swings. In general, pack play was much faster than other games of the weekend – allowing both teams proclivity towards speedy, nimble jamming and flexible, dynamic defense to end in an exciting win for Boston, decided in the last jam.

D1M: #7 Kallio upset by #10 Rocky Mountain, 155-151

D1M: #7 Kallio upset by #10 Rocky Mountain, 155-151 Photo Credit Duane Baker

MONTREAL, QC – The opening game of the 2016 D1 International WFTDA Playoffs provided an upset between #10 Rocky Mountain and #7 Kallio. Despite the large number of powerjams on both sides, the final score was relatively low; a tribute to the staunch defense on display by Kallio All Colors. Kallio put up a valiant fight, but was unable to make up for early mistakes, which included a string of jammer penalties and questionable time-out management. Former hydra-holders Rocky Mountain remained steady throughout the game, and stepped up at crucial moments to secure lead jammer and the win, 155-151.