RDWC 2018

2018 World Cup: Team Canada

2018 World Cup: Team Canada Photo credit: Marc-Antoine Vachon Photography. facebook.com/mavachonphotography

Team Canada released their roster early last November with the anticipation of a 2017 World Cup date since the previous two Cups took place in December of 2011 and 2014. With the Roller Derby World Cup announcement that the tournament will take place February 1-4 of 2018, they will have a bit more time to organize and train, as will the 39 other teams attending.

Canada has been a big contender at past World Cup tournaments, taking second place to the USA in 2011, and then placing fourth in 2014 after falling to Australia on the final day, 197-128. The roster for 2018 looks a lot different than 2014, and with a vision to build a sustainable national team, Team Canada will be laying strong groundwork over the next year to prepare for the World Cup and beyond.

USA Roller Derby 2018 Charter & Updates

USA Roller Derby 2018 Charter & Updates Photo credit: Salvador Photography. facebook.com/salvadorphotos

Today the charter representing USA Roller Derby for the 2018 World Cup was announced, but the United States national team has had several other new things revealed this year as well. Not only have they changed the image of the team, but they have worked to bring unity to a team that pulls skaters from teams throughout the country. Looking ahead, the program is also laying the groundwork for utilizing many more talented skaters who didn’t make the list today.