Rat City Roller Girls

D1S: #6 Rat City squeaks past #3 Jacksonville, 186-170

D1S: #6 Rat City squeaks past #3 Jacksonville, 186-170 Photo credit: Hellslinger.

SEATTLE, WA – Any momentum that #6 Rat City picked up in their blowout win over the Mad Rollin’ Dolls early Friday appeared stalled when they took the track against #3 Jacksonville, falling quickly into penalty trouble and a swift New Jax lead.

An inspired defensive effort from the Seattle blocker line let the home team retake control of the game at halftime, however, and despite a Jacksonville rally, that closed Rat City’s lead to just one point, impressive footwork, and smart strategy from jammers Luna Negra and Alyssa Pray ultimately gave Rat City a 186-170 win.

2017 Big O WFTDA Briefing

2017 Big O WFTDA Briefing Photo credit: Benma Photo. facebook.com/benmaphoto/

Coming up this weekend: the annual Big O Invitational in Eugene, Oregon (USA). While there have already been a few high-level tournaments already this season, this has become one of the most highly anticipated WFTDA Recognized Tournaments since it’s the first time we see many of the top-ranked teams back on the track each year.

There will be a few exciting rematches from last year, some new teams to watch, and plenty of roller derby on three tracks for three days. Are you ready?

Keep on reading for a quick briefing on the WFTDA and Junior teams in attendance. You can also check out our coverage of the MRDA briefing by Muckety Muck, as well as some tournament survival tips for fans by Sean Hale. Streaming of all three tracks will be done through WFTDA.tv and all WFTDA rankings are from today’s April 30th release.

2016 WFTDA D1 Champs: #6 Texas tramples #11 Rat City, 238-50

2016 WFTDA D1 Champs: #6 Texas tramples #11 Rat City, 238-50 Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

PORTLAND, OR – When Texas last met Rat City at the Big O in Eugene, OR earlier in 2016, Texas took the win 165-122. This weekend their meeting played out slightly differently, with Texas claiming an early lead, relying on a wide style of jamming and a smooth, consistent, unrelenting defense for a second victory against Rat City in 2016,  238-50.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Preview

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Preview Photo credit: Danny Ngan Photography. facebook.com/dannynganphotography

This coming weekend in Vancouver will be a bracket full of teams who have their eyes on the prize: the top three exit spots. Yes, that could be said of every tournament weekend, but this particular playoff has a number of teams that are particularly motivated to make it to the top.

Hosts, Terminal City, will be looking to prove themselves to their home fans. Stockholm is going to want to represent Europe in the top 12. Victoria is likely to be interested in both validating their epic travel miles by earning a bye into the Champs bracket, and prove that their WFTDA #2 ranking is no joke. Philly will be wanting to return to Champs after missing out on a trip last year for the first time in the history of WFTDA play. And #4 seed Rat City is going to want to prove that they can repeat their win earlier in the year against #2 Angel City, while ACDG is looking to show that that was a fluke game.

In fact, all of the teams involved will have fires lit under them. This should be an interesting weekend. May we live in interesting times.

2015 WFTDA Champs Central

2015 WFTDA Champs Central Photo by Danforth Johnson.

The 2015 WFTDA Championships have come and gone, and 12 Division 1 teams and 4 Division 2 teams are all gathered at the Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota to decide the Champions of each Division. If you need to catch up on how all the teams got there, read up on Kansas City and Demolition City’s history in Cleveland, or Nashville and Sacred City’s success in Detroit. Catch up on D1’s Victoria, Bay Area, and Arch Rival from Tucson; London, Jacksonville, and Denver from Jacksonville; Rose City, Texas, and Rat City from Dallas; and Gotham, Angel City, and Minnesota from Omaha.