Pirate City Rollers

#14 Bear City Claws Past #10 Pirate City, 275-253

#14 Bear City Claws Past #10 Pirate City, 275-253 Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography. facebook.com/SteveJurkovicRollerDerby

In a nail-biter of a game, #10 seed Pirate City took on #14 seed Bear City. Both teams were coming off of losses yesterday and came out of the gate looking to clench today’s victory.

While Bear City held lead for the majority of game, Pirate gave them a run for their money, slowly closing the lead a bit at a time until the game was tied at 241 when the game clock expired. However, in the overtime jam, a trip to the penalty box for Pirate City allowed Bear City to collect points, ultimately winning 275-253. Bear City will play E-Ville later this evening at 6:30pm EDT

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Pirate City Rollers

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Pirate City Rollers Photo credit: Regularman Photography. regularmanphotography.com

So far we have highlighted a few teams from Europe that are debuting at WFTDA Playoffs this season, but now sail with us over to New Zealand to get to know the Pirate City Rollers.

As the team of firsts for leagues in Aotearoa, Pirate City’s desire to make it to WFTDA tournaments helped them overcome various obstacles due to their location. Pirate City was established in 2006, and formed its all-star team—the All Scars—in 2009. This weekend in Pittsburgh, this team from Auckland finally gets their chance at a bracket in WFTDA postseason.

2017 Big O Results

2017 Big O Results Photo credit: Benma Photo. facebook.com/benmaphoto

The Big O Tournament has been a platform for WFTDA, MRDA, and Junior roller derby teams to hit the track since 2011. In 2017 there are 16 WFTDA teams, 9 MRDA, and 4 junior teams in Eugene, Oregon from four different continents.

Check out our WFTDA preview of the weekend, Muckety Muck’s MRDA overview, and Sean Hale’s tournament tips for fans. Below are the results from the weekend with each team’s current ranking. Green are WFTDA sanctioned games, purple are WFTDA B teams, blue is MRDA games, and yellow are the junior games. Each game is linked with its archived video.

Japan Open Roller Derby Tournament

Japan Open Roller Derby Tournament Tokyo vs. Adelaide. Photo credit: Roadie Photography. facebook.com/Roadiephotography/

The first Asia-Pacific roller derby tournament happened over the weekend in Okinawa, Japan and featured 10 WFTDA sanctioned games as well as 4 regulation games that were free and open to the public, and streamed online. Even though the tournament wasn’t made up of top 60 WFTDA leagues, this was a big step towards spreading the word of derby around the world, and getting isolated teams more experience.

The Japan Open Roller Derby Tournament brought together many teams who haven’t played each other before, made roller derby more accessible to the public, and was officiated by some top notch WFTDA officials. With the games being broadcasted on YouTube and WFTDA.tv it also provided a platform for these teams to get exposure worldwide. Most of the WFTDA roller derby played in Japan is on American military bases, but hopefully after this tournament the local scene will grow.