Paradise City Roller Derby

2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Central

2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Central Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

This weekend, June 3rd-5th, the Brewcity Bruisers are hosting the 7th annual Midwest BrewHaHa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This tournament is typically one that attracts Midwest teams, but this year it also includes teams representing Germany, Australia, and Canada. There will be Women, Men and Juniors played  games on 2 tracks starting at 10:45am CDT Friday until 8:30pm CDT Sunday evening. You can catch the games online right here.

2015 WFTDA Rankings Review

2015 WFTDA Rankings Review Photo Credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

The WFTDA had released its first rankings update since Championships, and as of November 30th, 2015 it’s not really surprising that Gotham is still #1 even though they suffered their first loss in 5 years at the hands of Rose City. Since a team’s ranking is comprised of an average of points earned from 12 months of games, things can take awhile to change as more games are played. (For more information, go here for the rankings white papers.)

Here are some highlights of where things lay now in the top 100 ranked teams compared to January.