Pac Destruction

Pac Destruction: Day 2

Pac Destruction: Day 2 Photo by Matthew Becker Photography.

The London Rollergirls continued to dominate their Brawlifornication Tour on Day 2 of Pac Destruction, defeating the Angel City Hollywood Scarlets, 218-117. Penalties proved to be Angel City’s kryptonite once again, giving London a total of 8 power jams in comparison to 3 in ACDG’s favor.

The Texecutioners dominated from the start of both their games, kicking off their game against the Rocky Mountain 5280 Fight Club with a huge 29-point jam by Smarty Pants. Angel City gave Texas a tough fight in the second half, keeping them to a 191-127 victory, after the Texans bested a penalty heavy Rocky Mountain, 261-132.

Day 3 will start at 11am PDT, and feature three games that you can watch on

United Nations of Derby

The London Rollergirls will be stateside for the second annual Pac Destruction on June 13th and 14th, but since they are coming a week early, they will spend some time in Oakland, California with the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls.

The two leagues are joining forces and talents to put on a three-day boot camp for a range of skills levels, with classes for things on and off the track. It seems like there are always a boot camp or two going on, but this one involves two countries, over 20 coaches, and a lot of knowledge.

As if you need another reason to check it out, here’s a preview of skills by the London Rollergirls.