Ohio Roller Derby

D1M: #6 Helsinki tackles #9 Ohio, 260-243

D1M: #6 Helsinki tackles #9 Ohio, 260-243 Image credit Quick'N'Derby, aka Ryan Quick

MADISON, WI – #6 Helsinki (WFTDA #24) woke up to the 10am game looking to establish dominance quick. While #9 Ohio Roller Derby (WFTDA #33) met them in battle with fire and determination in their eyes.

Yesterday, Helsinki found themselves in penalty trouble against Minnesota, sitting for 39 infractions – 17 of them awarded to jammers.

Ohio was obviously looking to capitalize on the Helsinki penchant for penalties in their game today. The team came out organized and on the same page, and looked unified in its efforts to funnel jammers to the outside line, where they were more likely to make a mistake. 

Ohio’s trouble today came in the form of mismatched strategies and a lack of teamwork on the floor. And Helsinki came away with the final win in this game, 260-243.

D1M: #8 Windy City blows by #9 Ohio, 210-152.

D1M: #8 Windy City blows by #9 Ohio, 210-152. Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MADISON, WI – The #8 seed Windy City Rollers (#32 in WFDTA) are stoked to be back in the Division 1 playoff circuit. It’s been a turbulent year from them, dropping all the way to Division 3 before clawing their way back to prominence thanks to wins against Calgary Roller Derby, Charlottesville, and Bear City (among others). #9 seed Ohio Roller Derby (#33 in WFTDA) has had many wins this season as well, mostly against low Division 2/3 teams. However, recent close match-ups with Columbia QuadSquad (who finished at #8 in the Columbia tournament), and Atlanta Rollergirls (who finished #4 in Columbia), indicated that Ohio was ready for the high-level play they would see in Madison.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Madison Preview

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Madison Preview Photo credit: Regularman Photography. regularmanphotography.com

The final 2016 International WFTDA Playoff tournament is taking place this weekend, September 23rd-25th in Madison, Wisconsin and will be hosted by the Mad Rollin’ Dolls. This bracket will decide the final three Division 1 teams that will join London, Texas, Montréal, Rose City, Denver, Jacksonville, Victoria, Angel City, and Rat City in Portland, Oregon this November for Championships. After the award ceremony on Sunday, WFTDA will also announce seeding for the Champs bracket.

Hosted by a long time WFTDA member and former North Central regional team, the teams attending feel like a Midwest throwback with the addition of Gotham, Tampa, and Helsinki. The hive mind comes in as a strong contender for 1st place, but it will be interesting to see where things shake out for some closely matched teams after that.