The S.S. Roller Derby sails into Champs

HAPPY FALL! The S.S. Roller Derby set sail a little early this month, because we’re just that excited to share the new episode with you all. Plus! We found ourselves a proper recording studio, so things are sounding a lot better aboard this ship, if we do say so ourselves.

The Color of Derby: A Higher Standard, A Hard Job

The Color of Derby: A Higher Standard, A Hard Job Image by Deadwards

“Black 91! Black 91 high block! Black 91! Insubordination!”

The ref yells over and over at the skater who has just committed a penalty.

Then, after repeating the call multiple times, the skater being referred to seems to refuse to leave the track and receives an insubordination penalty.

First thought: both penalties were earned and that skater should be reprimanded. At closer look, it’s clear number 91 is confused. Looking around. Unsure what has just transpired.

The reason? “Black 91” was actually skating in green – Green 91. The skater thought the official was calling out a player on the opposing team. The confusion stemmed from number 91 being called “Black” – her skin color, not her team color.