2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Madison Central

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Madison Central Photo credit: Sean Hale.

The final 2016 International WFTDA Playoff tournament in Madison, Wisconsin will decide the final three Division 1 teams that will attend Championships along with London, Texas, and Montréal from D1 Montréal; Rose City, Denver, and Jacksonville from D1 Columbia; and Victoria, Angel City, and Rat City from D1 Vancouver. After the award ceremony on Sunday, WFTDA will also announce seeding for the Champs bracket in Portland, Oregon this November.

D1M: #1 Gotham trounces #3 Minnesota, 326-71

D1M: #1 Gotham trounces #3 Minnesota, 326-71 Photo credit Marko Niemela

MADISON, WI – With a nearly six-year history of winning games to boast of – save that single Championship game last year against winners Rose City – Gotham has continued to be the kind of powerhouse team that no one actually expected might be taken down at Playoffs.

The 3rd place game of WFTDA Playoff tournaments usually gets most of the anxious focus of fans since it’s the game that decides the third entrant to Champs. It must not be forgotten however, that the 1st place game determines which team wins the coveted Champs bye entrance, and an easier path in the final bracket. So both Gotham and Minnesota played the final game accordingly, with defensive formations in high alert mode, but the beehive ultimately took home the gold for Gotham, 326-71.

D1M: #9 Ohio ousts #7 No Coast, 227-188

D1M: #9 Ohio ousts #7 No Coast, 227-188 Photo credit Steve Jurkovic

MADISON, WI – After entering the tournament at 9th place, Ohio were absolutely resolute to exit at the same place by taking the win for this game. And the main force behind the team, The Smacktivist, took that drive to collect a massive 139 points for the team – of the 397 they added across the weekend’s three games – securing the team a solid win against rivals No Coast, 227-188.

D1M: #10 Mad Rollin’ eludes #8 Windy City, 190-139

D1M: #10 Mad Rollin’ eludes #8 Windy City, 190-139 Photo credit Joe Mac

MADISON, WI – A back and forth battle between the #10 seed Mad Rollin Dolls and #8 Windy City Rollers ended with the hometown team pulling off their second upset of the weekend to claim seventh place. Madison’s command of the track boundaries gave them a 190-139 victory, while Windy City exits the tournament maintaining their seeding at 8th position.

D1M: #3 Minnesota outscores #2 Arch Rival, 174-155

D1M: #3 Minnesota outscores #2 Arch Rival, 174-155 Photo credit Quick'N'Derby, aka Ryan Quick

MADISON, WI – The final game Saturday night in Madison essentially came down to a jammer duel between #2 Arch Rival Roller Derby and #3 Minnesota RollerGirls. The well-matched teams spent much of the game within striking distance from one another, and despite a scare late in the first period that saw Arch Rival leading for three jams, Minnesota kept victory just out of reach for Arch Rival with a final score of 174-155.