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WFTDA 2016 D1Champs: #1 Gotham survives #5 London, 189-163

WFTDA 2016 D1Champs: #1 Gotham survives #5 London, 189-163 Photo credit Regularman

PORTLAND, OR – In the first semi-final game of the weekend, #1 Gotham battled #5 London in what was essentially a demonstration of will. London showed up with fierce defense and risky offensive footwork to keep the game much closer than their previous match up (June 25, 149-118). Gotham, the five-time World Champions, appeared to either be demonstrating uncharacteristic chinks in their armor, or that their competitors did their homework in how to handle the perennial favorites, as London (and earlier, Angel City) took the team right to the wire.

Ultimately, the game was decided with one break-out jam by VanEssa V-DivaSites late in the game, when she posted an 18-0 over Londons Master Blaster – this not only returned the lead to Gothams favor, but put enough distance between the teams to put the win just out of reach as the clock wound down.

2016 WFTDA D1 Champs: #5 London knocks down #8 Arch Rival, 197-94

2016 WFTDA D1 Champs: #5 London knocks down #8 Arch Rival, 197-94 Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography.

PORTLAND, OR – To start off Saturday play in Portland, OR, 5th ranked London Brawling took on 8th ranked Arch Rival Roller Derby All-Stars. The two teams had yet to meet, but Arch Rival would put on an unexpected show of strength, initially belying their respective rankings, by leading for the first 12 minutes of the game and mounting a great end of game rally. But it just wasn’t enough to keep London from taking the win, 197-94.

2016 WFTDA Champs: D1 Preview – Day 2

2016 WFTDA Champs: D1 Preview – Day 2 Photo credit: Roller Derby on Film.

The 2016 WFTDA Champs will take place in Portland, Oregon this weekend, starting Friday, November 4, and will continue through Sunday, November 6. Like last year’s tournament’s final day, the games on Sunday of the 2016 WFTDA Champs will be broadcast on ESPN3.

The Rose City Rollers – who, like all entering #1 seeds for Division 1, have a bye on Friday – will have a chance to defend their title on their home turf of Portland. Each #1 seed entered their respective playoff in the top position and maintained their position to enter this Champs tournament at the same seeding. In this single elimination tournament, each #1 seed will face the victors of the first round games played on Friday, providing each team with one last chance to scout their competition.

Depending on who wins the first round, we may see new match ups in Game 5 and Game 7. Whether we see rematches of last year’s Championships play out again this year remains to be seen. With each of these teams boasting strong, consistent defense and high scoring jammers, Day 2 will be an intense battle.

D1M: #1 London walks over #9 Detroit, 384-77

D1M: #1 London walks over #9 Detroit, 384-77 Photo credit Matthew Becker

MONTRÉAL, QC – #1 seed London, ranked #3 overall, dominated the #9 seed Detroit, #35 overall, in a swift victory, 387-77. These two teams met earlier this season at The European Smackdown with similar results where London won 345-79.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Montréal Central

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Montréal Central Photo credit: Juan Paden.

This weekend’s tournament in Montréal will kick off the Division 1 portion of WFTDA Playoffs and start the road towards the Hydra. This is the most internationally diverse bracket with teams representing the United States, Canada, England, Finland, and Australia. This will be Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s debut in WFTDA post season, and you can learn more about how they got this far here. For a quick round up of the teams and their initial match ups, check out our Montréal preview.