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I’m a pregnant roller derby athlete

I’m a pregnant roller derby athlete Photo credit Marko Niemela (

Part One: Holy shit this is happening

I want to start out by saying; this is me being honest. This is what I went through. It might not be popular, or what other people went through… but this is what happened, and how it made me feel, and how I handled it. I’m here to share my experience so others don’t feel judged by expectation, so please don’t jump down my throat for my choices.

Pregnancy has a million expectations on women, and that’s part of what makes it difficult… because it’s not just the craziness of hormones and body changes you’re handling, but also the set of parameters of how you should feel because of that expectation of “OH THIS IS ALL WORTH IT, ‘CAUSE: BABY”.

That makes me furious. It ignores my struggles and frustrations like I should be some happy robot housewife from the ’50s.

So without further ado, here’s my story of learning about my pregnancy…

Road To Playoffs: Helsinki Makes Tournament Debut in Omaha

Road To Playoffs: Helsinki Makes Tournament Debut in Omaha Helsinki vs. Boston at the Big O. Photo by Donalee Eiri - Photography by D.E.sign.

Helsinki Roller Derby will travel to North America for the third time in 18 months (fourth for those who played for Team Finland during the Blood and Thunder World Cup) to compete in the 2015 International WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Omaha, Oct 2-4. As of last year, Helsinki was grossly under-ranked, as is common for many European teams, at #137 in the WFTDA. In order to remedy that, the team traveled extensively: twice to the U.S., once to Malmö, Sweden, to participate in the inaugural WFTDA European Tournament, and most recently to the UK where they took on London in the first sanctioned game between two D1 European teams.

Pac Destruction: Day 3

Pac Destruction: Day 3 Photo by Matthew Becker Photography -

The London Rollergirls put off sanctioned play in 2015 until June, which meant they entered the United States perhaps a bit underranked at #11, as the rest of the top ten were active, and moved places around them. Their 294-56 loss to Gotham last July will linger on their stats going into playoff season, but it’s their performance this past week that shows what a strong competitor they will be in the tournament season.

With a clean sweep of their California games, Flat Track Stats puts London at #3. Angel City took their first win of the weekend over #12 Rocky Mountain, and a London/Texas matchup proved to be the game to watch.

Pac Destruction, Day 1: B’s In The Trap

Pac Destruction, Day 1: B’s In The Trap Photo by Matthew Becker Photography.

This year’s Pac Destruction features #8 Angel City Derby Girls hosting #6 Texas Rollergirls, #11 London Rollergirls, and #12 Rocky Mountain Rollerigrls for a round-robin weekend. The B teams for ACDG, Texas and Rocky kicked off the event with three games Friday night, to preview the epic weekend ahead. These games were not broadcast on, but their chartered counterparts will be starting at 12pm PDT Saturday and 11am PDT Sunday.