London Brawling

D1M: 3rd Place, #3 London claims bronze over #4 Crime City, 181-138

D1M: 3rd Place, #3 London claims bronze over  #4 Crime City, 181-138 Photo credit Marko Niemelä

MALMO, SWEDEN – The battle for bronze between the host league #4 Crime City Rollers and #3 London Roller Girls saw the momentum swing back and forth in the first half, including multiple lead changes.

The second half looked a bit different for both teams and, despite a valiant effort from Crime City, the team were not able to reclaim momentum for more than a few jams at a time. Whereas London was able to take charge of the second half and come away with the win, 181-138.

D1M: #3 London squeezes past #6 Rainy City, 124-119

D1M: #3 London squeezes past #6 Rainy City, 124-119 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMO, SWEDEN – The first game of Day 2 saw #6 Rainy City rise up against #3 London Brawling, the winner to advance to Championships, and take on the winner of #2 Denver Roller Derby v #7 Stockholm Roller Derby at 8pm CEST later today.

The game was defined by slow pushing braced walls that often separated into two distinct formations often linked by a Rainy City bridge, that would at times break off either to provide much-needed offense or offer additional support to Rainy City’s wall. For the majority of the game, Rainy City commanded the lead, even if only by a few points. Halfway through the second half, London was able to take advantage of Rainy City’s blocker penalties to build momentum and take the lead, ending the game on top, 124-119.

2016 D1 WFTDA Champs: #2 Victoria wins the bronze over #5 London, 198-108

2016 D1 WFTDA Champs: #2 Victoria wins the bronze over #5 London, 198-108 Photo credit Quick'N'Derby

PORTLAND, OR – Victorian Roller Derby League and London Rollergirls have a shared championship history that goes back to 2014 in Nashville, TN, where London won 173-142. That game marked the first time two international teams faced off at a WFTDA Championship. Victoria and London also met during the 2015 WFTDA Championships, where they played for 3rd place, making today’s match up the second time that these two teams have competed for the bronze.

Last season, Victoria was ranked #4 in the WFTDA and London was ranked at #3. VRDL won that game, 122-99, claiming 3rd place at Champs. Victoria experienced some penalty trouble early on in that game and garnered 7 jammer penalties by game end, earning a total of 26 penalties overall. Despite this, VRDL’s lead jammer status sat at 51.4% to London’s 48.6%.

Since these teams first played each other at champs in 2014, their rankings have changed. And this is the first time that VRDL enters this match up with a higher ranking, #2 in the WFTDA, than London, who is currently ranked #5.

Both teams have similar styles of play, defined by strong bracing powerquads and tripods that are able to rotate quickly to catch opposing jammers even as they cut from the outside to the inside line, but both teams took a few minutes before they were able to maintain their respective formations despite meddling from opposing blockers. Victoria steadily collected points thanks to earning a majority of the lead calls (66.7%) added to their defense’s ability to hold London’s jammer apart from their pivot, often delaying and sometimes successfully preventing the star pass. Victoria ultimately defended their bronze medal, with a win over London of 198-108.

D1 Champs: London takes down Angel City, 158-126

D1 Champs: London takes down Angel City, 158-126 Photo by Donna Olmstead

ST. PAUL, MN — The last time #3 London and #6 Angel City met, it was on ACDG’s hometurf and London finished with nearly a 100-point win. It looked like it was going to be another London dominated game as they got off to an early lead, but Angel City slowly chipped away at their lead before taking it over with a 57% lead status advantage in the first half.

London resumed the lead before the half, but Angel City assured that it would be anyone’s game until the very end. Blocker penalties ultimately diminished Angel City’s effectiveness and London Brawling secured their advancement in the tournament with a 158-126 win over the Hollywood Scarlets.

D1J: #1 London Beats Up # 8 Steel City, 408-42

D1J: #1 London Beats Up # 8 Steel City, 408-42 Photo by Louis Keiner

JACKSONVILLE, FL-London and Steel City met once before in 2011 at Anarchy in the UK. Steel City won that game, 119-79. Four years later, the teams met again, this time at the 2015 International D1 Playoffs at Jacksonville, and the story was quite different. London, the #1 seed for this Playoffs, is now ranked #4 in WFTDA and #2 according to Flat Track Stats, while Steel City came into the tournament as the #8 seed (WFTDA #29). This time, London Brawling crushed Steel Hurtin’, 408-42.