Houston Roller Derby

D1D: #5 Atlanta prevails over #11 Houston, 323-143

D1D: #5 Atlanta prevails over #11 Houston, 323-143 Photo credit: Quick'N'Derby. facebook.com/quicknderbymedia

DALLAS, TX – The #5 Atlanta Rollergirls certainly did not want to find themselves in the 2pm game Sunday, but after suffering a heartbreaking 2-point loss to #4 Minnesota, the Dirty South found themselves matched up against #11 Houston Roller Derby. The rankings spread on this game was huge; Atlanta came in as the #13 team in the WFTDA, and Houston #36, so the game was predicted to be a blowout, but Houston did not just roll over for the Georgians, although lost 323-143.

D1D: #6 Queen City freeze out #11 Houston, 195-104

D1D: #6 Queen City freeze out #11 Houston, 195-104 Photo credit: Michele J. Hale. michelejhale.com

DALLAS, TX – The first day of D1 Playoffs in Dallas had already had a close #8 seed/#9 seed game followed by a #10 seed upset over the #7 team. The first quarter of this game, it looked like #11 seed Houston was going to take charge right away and exploit the missteps of #6 Queen City. However, once the Buffalo, New York team found their groove, they were able to start laying on multi-pass scoring jams and pull the score away.

While Houston did better overall with penalties, Queen City’s lead status percentage, especially the 68.2% in the second half, helped them win more of the quick, hit it and quit it jams. Each team was able to control the other’s higher scorers, but other jammers emerged to pick up necessary points. Ultimately, Queen City got more than twice the amount of points than Houston in the second half, confirming their 195-104 victory.

D2W: #8 Boulder County makes playoff history defeating #2 Houston, 184-181

D2W: #8 Boulder County makes playoff history defeating #2 Houston, 184-181 Photo by Danforth Johnson

WICHITA, KS – The 5th place game ended with Boulder County rolling the rocks over Houston to secure a place in history being the lowest ranking team to ever take out a #2 seeded team in playoff history. The Houston All Stars are currently ranked #43 in the WFTDA listings while the Boulder County Bombers come in at #58. Don’t let the rankings or seedings fool you, in typical D2 fashion the upset came with evenly matched athletes as Boulder lit up the sky, 184 to 181 over Houston.

D2W: #2 Houston Roller Derby rocks #6 Tucson, 197-173

D2W: #2 Houston Roller Derby rocks #6 Tucson, 197-173 Photo by Derby with Recess

WICHITA, KS -Houston Roller Derby (2) came into this bout with fire in their eyes. Tucson (6) came to make a statement. These are two legacies of the South Central Region coming together in the consolation bracket of Division 2 playoffs.

Game 10 opened up with Tucson giving two power jams in the first jam that allowed Houston’s Slayor Moon to put up an easy 15 points. Houston seemed to lock down their defense from the get go, not giving Tucson much opportunity to get lead, and not allowing points often. Kelly Killpowski dealt the blows, and Poysonberry Pie did a great job of keeping packs tighter knit.

Houston Roller Derby sneaks by Tucson

Photo by Danforth Johnson

For the first part of the game, Houston controlled the momentum and dictated the flow. Houston played a fast game, and Tucson would bite. Houston blockers inserted themselves into the middle of Tucson’s braces with little resistance from Tucson. The tide began to change though when Mystery Meat was able to put up a few positive differentials via apex jumps and kept the Houston jammers to zero points. Tucson slowly crept back into striking distance when the half time hit with the score of 97-73 in Houston’s favor.

The second half the game mirrored the first half: Slayor Moon put up a quick 20 points, this time no power jam necessary. All momentum Tucson had started to gain in the first half swung back to Houston’s favor.

Blockers Momo and Judo Gnomi did a good job of being more proactive with offense in the second half. Often the Tucson packs would be broken up by Houston’s Death by Chocolate and Hot Assets, but Tucson responded well to the explosions in the pack. As a result, Pixie Axe was more effective in the second.

Houston Roller Derby v Tucson D2 Wichita

Photo by Donna Olmstead

The trouble came with jammer awareness. Each time Tucson would get lead and some momentum, they would call off the jam late, shortening their differential by up to 4 points at a time. It was not until jam 18 when Shana Banana Hammock was able to take advantage of two power jams and a short pack to put up 20 unanswered Tucson points, bringing the score within 30.

The following jams were met with frustration for Tucson, they continued to scratch with 5-0 and 3-0 jams, thanks to Houston falling into blocker penalty trouble. The blockers left on the floor, such as Bustin Beaver, had such tremendous one-on-one play that they were able to hold Pixie and Deathproof at bay. Despite nickels and dimeing, Tucson could not break above the 25 point differential until the very last jam.

Houston took the victory, 197-173. Houston will go on to play Sunday at 2p against the winner of Game 11 (Boulder County), and that will be for the 5th place ranking. Tucson will play Sunday at noon against the loser of Game 11 for the 7th place ranking.

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D2W: #7 Blue Ridge Rollergirls floods plains of #2 Houston All Stars, 182-137

D2W: #7 Blue Ridge Rollergirls floods plains of #2 Houston All Stars, 182-137 Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography. facebook.com/donnaOphoto

WICHITA, KS – Blue Ridge Rollergirls, coming off a win earlier in the day when they took on their Carolina rival, met Houston for the first time. Despite Houston and Blue Ridge never having played one another before, both were visibly determined to work for the 12th game slot slated for Saturday.

While the Houston All Stars started strong defensively, they offensively checked out, opening the front door to Blue Ridge’s effective jamming technique. The 55th WFTDA ranked Blue Ridge Rollergirls ended up landing 182 points against the 43rd ranked Houston All Stars’ 137, and took the win.