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2017 B-Team Champs: Day 3 Medal Games

The final two games of the day didn’t disappoint, and looked like the theme of the day would be seeding upsets. Although Minnesota and Dallas confirmed their initial placements in the 9th place game, Arch Rival’s Saint Lunachix and Angel City’s Rocket Queens both left tournament higher than they were seeded. (Read about those games here.)

The Texas Firing Squad made Gotham’s stock plummet, but Rose City defended their Championship title and fought back against a bruising Denver opponent.

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 3

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 3 Photo credit: Phantom Photographics.

The first three consolation games of the day were hard-fought and exciting with each team battling through to their very last jam of the weekend. Minnesota Nice got their first win of the weekend to leave the tournament in the position they came in at, while the other two games resulted in seeding upsets.

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 2

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 2 Photo credit: Phantom Photographics.

Day 2 of B-Team Champs had some interesting matchups with many close first halves that blew wide open for one team in the second half. Nonetheless, every jam was hard fought for either side, and every game was played intensely until the final whistle. #6 Denver Bruising Altitude pulled off a solid upset against #2 Gotham Wall Street Traitors, and #7 Angel City Rocket Queens continued to show that they came in a bit under-seeded as well.

Catch up on Day 1 and read on to see where the teams fall for placements on Sunday. Re-watch today’s games here.

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 1

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 1 Photo credit: Keith Ridge.

The first day of the 2017 B-Team Champs, hosted by Tampa Roller Derby, started and ended with close, exciting games, but the ones in-between were a bit lopsided. It seemed to be a day for teams to feel out the competition, lock down their own game, and show off some hidden talent. This may not be the top ten charter teams, but these ten B-Teams brought their A game.  

The Saint Lunachix and Minnesota Nice kicked off the day with a midwestern rivalry that game down to the last jam, while Angel City showed they were much stronger than their #7 seed would have indicated. Things are lining up to make tomorrow an interesting game, one that will end with a Gotham versus Denver game that shouldn’t be missed.

Check out all the scores and matchups on our B-Team Champs Central page. If you couldn’t make it to Tampa, you can re-watch the games from Friday’s live stream.

2017 B-Team Champs Central

Hosted by Tampa Roller Derby, this year’s B-Team Championships is taking place October 6th – 8th and consists of the top 10 North American B-Teams. This Hostile TACOver of Florida has teams seeded into a single-elimination bracket resembling the WFTDA Playoff format of years past with a full consolation side. 

Check out our weekend preview by Muckety Muck and if you couldn’t make it to the Wrecking Hall, watch the action all weekend online. Here’s the archive of Friday and Saturday as well as the links for Sunday: 9th place game, 7th place, 5th place3rd place, and 1st place.

The schedule below is listed in Pacific Daylight Time. Check back here and on Twitter for scores and we’ll have recaps of each day as the weekend progresses.