Hometown Throwdown

June 23-25, 2017: The Final Rankings Push

June 23-25, 2017: The Final Rankings Push Photo credit: Regularman Photography - regularmanphotography.com

This last weekend in June is the final big stretch of games before the rankings are tallied and teams are lined up for WFTDA’s Playoff tournaments this fall. Three big events are happening in different regions of the United States with a few single games sprinkled in.

In Portland, Oregon, the #3 Rose City Rollers are hosting Hometown Throwdown and have invited #4 Angel City, #5 Texas, and #6 London to join them. In the Midwest, Arch Rival and the GateKeepers organized the second year of Sibling Rivalry in St. Louis, Missouri with men’s and women’s teams joining them for the three day event. East Coast Derby Extravaganza is taking place in Feasterville, Pennsylvania with three different tracks, A and B WFTDA teams, as well as men’s and junior teams.

Hometown Throwdown: Day 2

Hometown Throwdown: Day 2 Photo credit Bill Zingraf, aka Regularman Photography (http://www.regularmanphotography.com/)

PORTLAND, OR–Day 2 of Hometown Throwdown pitted #2 against #3 and provided a rematch for Terminal City against Denver from last month at Besterns. One game was a lot closer than the last time they met, and the other resulted in a much wider spread.

As Rose City extended their record to 6 wins in 2015, they revealed the strength of their packs and cemented the #2 spot they had been trading back and forth with Bay Area this year. The BAD Girls showed there is some more cohesion in their jammer rotation, but until they can pull together overall, they may stumble a bit in the top ten.

Hometown Throwdown: Day 1

Hometown Throwdown: Day 1 Photo credit Bill Zingraf aka Regularman Photography (http://www.regularmanphotography.com/)

PORTLAND, OR — Day 1 of Hometown Throwdown, a three day tournament, featuring Bay Area Derby Girls, Terminal City Rollergirls, Denver Roller Derby, and the host team, the Rose City Rollers, took place last night.

The tournament kicked off with Bay Area versus Terminal City followed by an exciting game between Rose City and Denver. While all teams are safely in Division 1, this tournament will be important for seeding come playoffs. Bay Area looked to find their stride after a disappointing showing at the Big O in Eugene, OR earlier in the season while Rose City aimed to continue their upwards momentum from last season at champs and the Big O.