Division 2

2017 WFTDA June Rankings and Tournament Seeding

2017 WFTDA June Rankings and Tournament Seeding Photo credit: Preflash Gordon.

The 2017 WFTDA Tournament placement day is here, and with it came a few surprises. When WFTDA released the locations and dates for this year’s tournaments, they also announced a new structure to Playoffs and Championships. This is the first time we get to see brackets for the new arrangement, and with some teams missing out on the action this season, five teams below the cutoff got invites to participate at Playoffs. Read on to see how the WFTDA sorting hat placed teams this year, and where to catch your favorites.

New to 2016 WFTDA Playoffs: Nidaros Roller Derby

New to 2016 WFTDA Playoffs: Nidaros Roller Derby Photo credit: Erlend Lånke Solbu

Getting an invite to one of WFTDA’s Tournaments is a huge goal for many roller derby leagues, and this year five teams achieved that dream for the very first time. Last week we talked about the goals and plans of the UK’s Rainy City Roller Derby, and today we have another team from Europe, Nidaros Roller Derby.

As the first Norwegian team to make it this far, Nidaros has already traveled great distances to get a place in the top 60 teams. In fact, you may remember some of their stories when we featured them in an article last year. Having journeyed to the United States Midwest earlier this year, they will be returning this month, but this time it will be for Division 2 Playoffs. Here, we’ll be focusing in on their many tournament experiences and how the World Cup helped their skaters gain more than just a chance to play Team USA.

2015 WFTDA Champs Preview: Division 2

2015 WFTDA Champs Preview: Division 2 Photo by Danforth Johnson. facebook.com/danforth.johnson

Since it’s inception, Division 2 has proven to be full of close, exciting games during tournament season, and this final weekend looks to be no exception. With such closely ranked teams, it makes perfect sense that WFTDA made the change to include two extra D2 games at Championships this year in St. Paul, allowing the 4 qualifiers to play out a mini-bracket of their own.

Flat Track Stats has both the first round D2 games between Nashville and Demolition City as well as Kansas City and Sacred City at almost a dead even chance for either team to move on. If either one of the games result in a seeding upset, then we will see rematches between teams who battled it out already at Playoffs. These games will open the weekend on Friday, and then the teams will get a day off before they play again on placement Sunday.

Roll Call! Let’s run through WFTDA D2

Roll Call! Let’s run through WFTDA D2 Duluth Championship bout between Sin City and Detroit. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

While WFTDA Division 1 has generally seen nearly the same teams hitting the top ten throughout the 2014 season, WFTDA D2 has stayed competitive and fluid throughout their top 20, with many teams knocking on the door for playoff contention. D2 Playoffs in Duluth especially proved this, as every team left in a different placement than they were seeded, and the same went for all but two in Kitchener-Waterloo. D2 has also become a net for D1 teams going through a rough patch, or a milestone for up-and-comers ready to make a statement. As the competitive “season” comes to a close, we’re going to do a quick rundown of what happened at tournaments, and who has risen or fallen on the eve of the division reset.