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February WFTDA Rankings and Beyond

February WFTDA Rankings and Beyond Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

The WFTDA posted their February 29th rankings. This month shows no movement in teams 1-39, but that won’t be the case by the end of the month as many teams are kicking off the start of the season with a tournament. Leagues are slowly coming out of the ‘off season’ or wrapping up their home team season, so there have yet to be many competitive, sanctioned games to really have an impact on the rankings.

The last we saw about WFTDA rankings it was November 30th and we were just cooling off from the excitement of Championships in St. Paul. Let’s take a look at who is already causing a stir in 2016, and what sanctioned events are on the horizon to mix things up further.

2015 WFTDA Champs Central

2015 WFTDA Champs Central Photo by Danforth Johnson.

The 2015 WFTDA Championships have come and gone, and 12 Division 1 teams and 4 Division 2 teams are all gathered at the Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota to decide the Champions of each Division. If you need to catch up on how all the teams got there, read up on Kansas City and Demolition City’s history in Cleveland, or Nashville and Sacred City’s success in Detroit. Catch up on D1’s Victoria, Bay Area, and Arch Rival from Tucson; London, Jacksonville, and Denver from Jacksonville; Rose City, Texas, and Rat City from Dallas; and Gotham, Angel City, and Minnesota from Omaha.

D2 Champs 3rd Place: Demolition City squeaks past Kansas City, 149-139

D2 Champs 3rd Place: Demolition City squeaks past Kansas City, 149-139 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

ST. PAUL, MN– The last time Kansas City and Demolition City matched up it looked a bit different. The KC Roller Warriors were ranked #45 at Playoffs in Cleveland while Demolition City was #50, and they were playing for 1st. Now playing for 3rd Place in Division 2 overall, their rosters varied from before; no tournament MVP Bruz-Her on skates for KC and Dynamite Doll’s jammer Lickety-Splint hadn’t skated all weekend. Demo’s Playoff performance also pushed them up 21 places in the rankings to #29 while Kansas City rose to #34.

In Cleveland, Demolition City scored the first points before Kansas City took over a quarter of the way in, and held a short lead until they won by 29 points. This time however, Kansas City took the first 3 points, then Demolition City tied it with 3 of their own and they held the lead until it got traded back and forth in the final quarter of the game. Lead calls and penalties were a problem for KC, and when Bambi ThumpHer got lead and Track Rat sat in the box in the final minutes, Demolition City added 10 points and ran out the clock for their 3rd Place win, 149-139.

2015 WFTDA Champs Preview: Division 2

2015 WFTDA Champs Preview: Division 2 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Since it’s inception, Division 2 has proven to be full of close, exciting games during tournament season, and this final weekend looks to be no exception. With such closely ranked teams, it makes perfect sense that WFTDA made the change to include two extra D2 games at Championships this year in St. Paul, allowing the 4 qualifiers to play out a mini-bracket of their own.

Flat Track Stats has both the first round D2 games between Nashville and Demolition City as well as Kansas City and Sacred City at almost a dead even chance for either team to move on. If either one of the games result in a seeding upset, then we will see rematches between teams who battled it out already at Playoffs. These games will open the weekend on Friday, and then the teams will get a day off before they play again on placement Sunday.

D2D 1st Place: #1 Nashville (#43) Breaks #2 Sacred City (#44), 194-189

D2D 1st Place: #1 Nashville (#43) Breaks #2 Sacred City (#44), 194-189 Photo by Lex Dodson – @rustbeltraw on Instagram.

DETROIT, MI-The final game of the 2015 Division 2 WFTDA playoffs in Detroit, Michigan brought together #1 tournament seed Nashville and #2 seed Sacred City in arguably the most exciting game of the weekend. While both teams brought might and determination to this battle of defensive strength and jammer wit, Nashville ultimately emerged victorious, claiming lead in the final jam, taking a 194 to 189 win over their opponent.