Dairyland Dolls

D1M: #10 Mad Rollin’ Dolls tip #7 No Coast, 143-139

D1M: #10 Mad Rollin’ Dolls tip #7 No Coast, 143-139 Photo Credit Steve Jurkovic

MADISON, WI – Game 2 of the final D1 playoff in Madison featured hosts #10 Mad Rolling Dolls (Madison, WI) versus #7 No Coast Derby Girls (Lincoln, NE). The teams were fighting to advance to meet #2 Arch Rival in game 6.

The game was evenly matched in most jams with both squads favoring a 4-defender unit on the jam start, though the formations devolved after lead jammer was established and subsequently relied on one on one offense to cause chaos to release the second jammer.  With power jams ultimately deciding the contest in the first upset of the tournament, Madison took the win over No Coast, 143-139. 

D1T: #9 MRD Dairyland Dolls moos past #8 Arizona, 221-171

D1T: #9 MRD Dairyland Dolls moos past #8 Arizona, 221-171 Photo credit Donna Olmstead

TUCSON, AZ— Game 2, between the 9th seed Mad Rollin’ Dolls and #8 Arizona Roller Derby, was a back-and-forth battle of evenly matched teams prone to the same penalties.

After multiple lead changes, many coming during power jams, MRD Dairyland Dolls were able to cobble together some momentum that extended over the last 5 minutes of gameplay to finally take home the win, 221-171.

Your Roller Derby Music Video Party

Roller Derby has been featured in music videos from a wide range of artists and genres.

On March 14 Big Freedia will be the next to record a music video that features derby.  The video to Big Freedia’s Dangerous will be shot at the season opener of The Big Easy Rollergirls. We’re hoping to have more details on that for you, next week.

Check out some of the music videos that shine a light on derby below: