D1 Tucson

D1T 1st Place: #1 Victoria Takes Gold From #2 Bay Area, 151-107

D1T 1st Place: #1 Victoria Takes Gold From #2 Bay Area, 151-107 Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography. facebook.com/donnaOphoto

TUCSON, AZ – The two top seeds of the Division 1 Tucson bracket met up for the final game on Sunday, and after the first quarter of the game stayed fairly close, #1 Victorian Roller Derby League pulled away from #2 B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls. With only 39 jams in this game, the second half saw long, laborious jams once both teams got ahold of some of their penalties. But Victoria dominated lead calls in a low scoring second half.

Despite a tighter jammer rotation, more penalties, and a short bench, Victoria still held on tightly with their braced defense, taking 1st place in the first D1 weekend, 151-107.

D1T 5th Place: #7 Terminal City defeats # 9 Mad Rollin’ Dolls, 252-102

D1T 5th Place: #7 Terminal City defeats # 9 Mad Rollin’ Dolls, 252-102 Photo by Regularman Photography. regularmanphotography.com

TUCSON, AZ—The 5th place game opened heavily in Terminal City’s (WFTDA #27), favor over the Mad Rollin’ Dolls (WFTDA #35). Penalties accumulated against The Dairyland Dolls from Madison, and the 17 box trips by MRD jammers took their toll. Terminal City pounced on every opportunity and ran up a quick lead, that MRD was unable to overcome. Terminal City walked away with 5th place, 2 spots ahead of where they entered the tournament. The Mad Rollin’ Dolls will also finish above their initial seeding of 9 to claim 6th place. 

D1T 9th Place: #8 Arizona Terrorizes #10 Tri-City, 239-170

TUCSON, AZ — Arizona entered the tournament seeded 8th, but after defeating Tri-City, 239-170, Arizona will leave with 9th place for the 2015 D1 Playoffs at Tucson. While Tri-City will leave as they entered, in 10th place.

Arizona dominated lead calls and controlled the game, but as they have throughout the tournament, quickly fell into penalty trouble. Arizona chose to mix up their jammer rotation in this game in hopes of cutting down penalties but found little success. While Tri-City combatted the lead calls with quick star passes and stashes.

D1T: #1 Victorian Fights #4 Rocky Mountain, 289-116

D1T: #1 Victorian Fights #4 Rocky Mountain, 289-116 Photo by Regularman

TUCSON, AZ- Victorian Roller Derby League and Rocky Mountain met for this semi-final game after winning their first round games the day before. Despite their 404-33 victory over the Mad Rollin’ Dolls, Victoria also racked up the penalties, which seemed to carry on today as well. With Rocky Mountain they met their match in penalties, but not in points, and with their 289-116 win, VRDL secured their spot in St. Paul and a chance at 1st place in Tucson tomorrow.