Charm City Roller Girls

D1M: #6 Rainy City slays #12 Charm City, 258-78

D1M: #6 Rainy City slays #12 Charm City, 258-78 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMO, SWEDEN – After a nail-biting tournament-entry game against London that left many people marveling at the upwards trajectory of Rainy City, the quality of play for this game looked like it might belie the exit placing the two teams were aiming for. Charm City has had less luck at this tournament, but similar game history with a loss to Helsinki.

In the end, as has been the trend with this tournament, the seedings won out. Rainy City claimed an emphatic win against Charm City with a score of 258-78.

D1M: #5 Helsinki beats #12 Charm City, 308-144

D1M: #5 Helsinki beats #12 Charm City, 308-144 Photo credit Marko Niemelä

MALMO, SWEDEN – These two teams had never met before, with this being the first trip to Europe for most of Charm City, and Helsinki no stranger to the European derby community. Despite a solid push from Charm City, bracket seeding won out in the end, and the Helsinki Ninja Turtles proved they were due a spot in their move upwards with a score of 308-144.

2016 WFTDA D2 Playoffs: Lansing Central

The first WFTDA Division 2 tournament took place last weekend in Wichita, Kansas, and resulted in Brandywine taking first place over Blue Ridge. Both those teams will be heading to Portland, Oregon, in November to take on the top two finishers of this tournament for their ultimate Division 2 placements. See how each team got to Playoffs this season with our D2 Lansing preview.

D2L 3rd Place: #1 Charm City Sneaks By #3 Wasatch, 197-194

D2L 3rd Place: #1 Charm City Sneaks By #3 Wasatch, 197-194 Photo credit Juan Paden.

LANSING, MI – After a weekend full of upsets, the 3rd place game in Lansing brought together the #1 and #3 seeds, Charm City All Stars and Wasatch Roller Midnight Terror respectively. From the very first jam, it was clear this was going to be a closely matched game in both skill and determination. There was a nearly even split on lead jammer status from both teams, and with most jams only yielding a handful of points and not lasting the full two minutes, this was an exciting battle for fans and players alike.

After a continual back and forth of lead change after lead change, and strong defense and consistent jamming by each team, Charm City clenched the win in the last few seconds, and took third place overall in the Lansing D2 playoffs.

D2L: #5 Calgary edges past #1 Charm City, 216-191

D2L: #5 Calgary edges past #1 Charm City, 216-191 Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

LANSING, MI – #5 seed Calgary Roller Derby Association secured their spot at Championships in Portland with another upset in Lansing, beating #1 seed Charm City Roller Girls 216-191. Calgary had control of the game in the first half, but then the two teams traded leads for most of the second half until Calgary pulled ahead with a pivotal 31-point jam by Easy Break Oven.

Both teams had their share of penalty problems, but Calgary proved they could maintain steady game play in spite of this. Combined with frequently obtaining lead jammer status, they locked down their victory. Charm City will play for third place Sunday, while Calgary will take on Charlottesville at 6pm EDT (12am CEST).