Charlottesville Derby Dames

D1S: #3 Jacksonville avalanches #12 Charlottesville, 318-161

D1S: #3 Jacksonville avalanches #12 Charlottesville, 318-161 Photo credit: Hellslinger.

SEATTLE, WA – An early challenge from #12 Charlottesville gave #3 Jacksonville a scare as their highly effective defensive strategies fell victim to penalty trouble. The New Jax defense regrouped and endured, however, frustrating Charlottesville jammers and running up their score on the strength of a streak of high-scoring jams.

Despite a slew of jammer penalties, dominant second-half performances from Snot Rocket Science, Krispy Kreme-Her and Leanne Groll made Jacksonville’s lead insurmountable as they defeated Charlottesville, 318-161.

2017 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Seattle Preview

2017 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Seattle Preview Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

September 1st through the 3rd will kick off the Division 1 portion of WFTDA Tournament season in Seattle, Washington, hosted by the Rat City Rollergirls. After the massive 30-game tournament that was Division 2 two weeks ago, this weekend will conclude after 16 games played by 12 teams. While overall D1 was reduced to three brackets, each was expanded by two more teams which will mean that some teams will only end up playing two games this year.

While perhaps a little more predictable, Division 1 tournaments consist of the top teams in WFTDA, and as the sport grows, there’s always room for surprises. This year, the top four teams will make it out of the weekend alive and attend Championships this November in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Watch this tournament on and follow our coverage here on our website, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2016 WFTDA D2 Champs: #48 Calgary takes 3rd over #52 Charlottesville, 252-197

2016 WFTDA D2 Champs: #48 Calgary takes 3rd over #52 Charlottesville, 252-197 Photo credit: Quick'N'Derby.

PORTLAND, OR – In the fight for third place in the WFTDA D2 Championships, the game started with Calgary being visibly determined to take the game and go home with a medal. Calgary started strong by taking lead status and adding double digit points accordingly. Charlottesville was keen to reply, and made the Canadians work for their upwards momentum, slowing the pace of scoring.

By the second game half, the differential was starting to narrow, but not rapidly enough for Charlottesville to mount an effective comeback. Calgary wasn’t prepared to accept that narrowing and took advantage of the temporarily reduced roster after two injuries for Charlottesville to push back up and clinch the game by refusing to give up. The final score of 252-197 gave Calgary the game and the third place position for D2.

2016 WFTDA Champs: D2 Preview – Brandywine vs Charlottesville

2016 WFTDA Champs: D2 Preview – Brandywine vs Charlottesville Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

The 2016 WFTDA Championships in Portland, Oregon will kick off with the Division 2 portion of the weekend, which consists of the top two teams from both D2 Playoff brackets. The first place winners of each Playoff tournament will take on the second place finishers of the opposite bracket and the winners will advance to the Championship game on Sunday while the other two teams will play for third place.

The first D2 match up will be between Brandywine Roller Derby and the Charlottesville Derby Dames, both making their first trip to WFTDA Champs. Brandywine has been competing in Division 2 Playoffs since 2014, entering their first two seasons as a #10 seed, and then getting a #4 spot this year. Charlottesville qualified for Playoffs the first time as a #10 seed in Division 1 last year, and then as a #7 seed in Division 2 this season. This matchup will bring together a disciplined Brandywine, who sticks to a strict jammer rotation, and a more relaxed Charlottesville squad that can throw nearly anyone in the star.

2016 WFTDA D2 Playoffs: Lansing Central

The first WFTDA Division 2 tournament took place last weekend in Wichita, Kansas, and resulted in Brandywine taking first place over Blue Ridge. Both those teams will be heading to Portland, Oregon, in November to take on the top two finishers of this tournament for their ultimate Division 2 placements. See how each team got to Playoffs this season with our D2 Lansing preview.