Brewcity Bruisers

2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Central

2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Central Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

This weekend, June 3rd-5th, the Brewcity Bruisers are hosting the 7th annual Midwest BrewHaHa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This tournament is typically one that attracts Midwest teams, but this year it also includes teams representing Germany, Australia, and Canada. There will be Women, Men and Juniors played  games on 2 tracks starting at 10:45am CDT Friday until 8:30pm CDT Sunday evening. You can catch the games online right here.

2015 WFTDA D2 Playoffs: Detroit Central

2015 WFTDA D2 Playoffs: Detroit Central Photo by Derby With Recess.

WFTDA Division 2 playoffs continue in Detroit, Michigan, where 10 more teams will battle it out for the top 2 spots. The 1st and 2nd place teams will advance to Champs in St. Paul this November, and will take on both Kansas City (#45) and Demolition City (#50) to decide the placement of the top 4 D2 teams.

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D2D 9th Place: #5 Boulder County (#55) avalanches #9 Brewcity (#60), 232-147

D2D 9th Place: #5 Boulder County (#55) avalanches #9 Brewcity (#60), 232-147 Photo credit Danforth Johnson

DETROIT, MI — Sunday morning began with a tooth and nail game between the #7 seeded Boulder County Bombers, and number #9 seeded Brew City Bruisers. Boulder County ultimately took the win, leaving the tournament at 9th place to Brew City’s 10th, with a score of 232-147.

D2D: #3 Emerald City (#47) Bruises #9 Brewcity (#60), 279-151

D2D: #3 Emerald City (#47) Bruises #9 Brewcity (#60), 279-151 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

DETROIT,MI—Yesterday #9 Brewcity took on #8 Sac City in what started as a close game, and then Sac City pulled away in the second half to beat them by 69 points. Today, #3 Emerald suffered penalty problems in the first half, allowing Brewcity to take the lead for about a quarter of the game, but Emerald City came together to finish on top by 128 points. In the end, Emerald’s strong defense is what saved their game, and Brewcity’s inconsistencies knocked them into the 9th place game for tomorrow with a score of 279-151.

WFTDA D2 Preview: Detroit

WFTDA D2 Preview: Detroit Photo by Danny Ngan Photography.

With one exciting Division 2 weekend on the books, and #squeakersunday still fresh in our memory, this coming weekend in Detroit is looking to provide more thrilling results. A couple teams come to this tournament having fallen from a higher position to compete alongside hungry teams on the rise, looking to mix things up. The top two finishers from this bracket will head to St. Paul in November to take on both Kansas City and Demolition City to battle for the top of D2.

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