Boston Roller Derby

D1M: #6 Boston barely lands #8 Sun State, 172-171

D1M: #6 Boston barely lands #8 Sun State, 172-171 Photo credit Matthew Becker

MONTREAL, QC – After each team succumbed to a loss yesterday, both #6 Boston and #8 Sun State entered this game with some real hunger for a win. The game played out exactly as you might expect from two teams this closely ranked, right down to the breathtaking final few minutes of play in which a key Boston lead grab by Maya Mangleyou against opposing jammer Jambi gave the team just enough to grab a single point win in the end, 172-171.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Montréal Preview

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Montréal Preview Photo credit: Marko Niemelä Photography.

After two exciting Division 2 weekends full of upsets, the Division 1 tournaments will begin in Montréal – notably the first time a D1 tournament has been held outside the United States. There is also plenty of international variety within the bracket, five different countries will be represented with London holding the top seed – which makes this the most international D1 playoff tournament yet!

With teams traveling long distances to participate, many of them have had short seasons due to financial limitations, giving them the potential to surprise their competitors. History has proved that we won’t likely see a #7 seed make it all the way to the Championship game on Sunday, like in the D2 brackets that have just happened, but anything really is possible here. The top three placing teams will, of course, get a spot at Championships in Portland this November.