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D1 Champs: Bay Area gets Revenge on Denver, 179-148.

D1 Champs: Bay Area gets Revenge on Denver, 179-148. Photo credit Danforth Johnson

ST PAUL, MN – Denver started this game strong, and took full advantage of Bay Area’s tendency to get off to a slow start. Earning the first three lead calls, Denver opened up an early lead and relied on smart call offs to keep Bay Area off the scoreboard during those jams. After Bay Area took the lead, Denver was never able to reclaim it. Once Bay Area’s wall solidified its ground, their offense – something BAD has honed all season long – came to life as well.

Ultimately, despite a loss to Denver earlier this season, a combination of solid defense and well timed offense allowed Bay Area to pull ahead and take the win, 179-148 over Denver.

D1T 1st Place: #1 Victoria Takes Gold From #2 Bay Area, 151-107

D1T 1st Place: #1 Victoria Takes Gold From #2 Bay Area, 151-107 Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

TUCSON, AZ – The two top seeds of the Division 1 Tucson bracket met up for the final game on Sunday, and after the first quarter of the game stayed fairly close, #1 Victorian Roller Derby League pulled away from #2 B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls. With only 39 jams in this game, the second half saw long, laborious jams once both teams got ahold of some of their penalties. But Victoria dominated lead calls in a low scoring second half.

Despite a tighter jammer rotation, more penalties, and a short bench, Victoria still held on tightly with their braced defense, taking 1st place in the first D1 weekend, 151-107.

D1T: #2 Bay Areaaaaaa (#6) beats #7 Terminal City (#27), 251-77

TUCSON, AZ—Game 4 featured a slow-starting Bay Area against Terminal City and after a bit of back and forth, it ended with Bay Area firmly in control. This season has been an interesting one for Bay Area, with only 12 skaters remaining from last year’s charter and multiple transfers, BAD has taken its time to gel and make their style of play work for them. Throughout this year, Bay Area struggled more than anything to score, amd today against Terminal City Bay Area seemed to find an answer, 251-77.

WFTDA D1 Preview: Tucson

WFTDA D1 Preview: Tucson Photo credit Danny Ngan. Prints and high-resolution downloads are available for purchase at

With both Division 2 playoff tournaments now in the bag, and the top contenders have earned their spot in St. Paul, MN for Championships, it’s time to turn our collective minds towards the Division 1 teams gathering in Tucson, AZ. This is the first of  the four weekend tournaments through October 4th, and from each D1 playoff the top three teams make it to Minnesota in November.

In this tournament, eyes will likely be on the first of the teams from outside the United States currently ranked in the top twelve by the WFTDA – 1st tournament seed, and 3rd-ranked, Victoria. 2nd seeded Bay Area will also be one to watch, as some would claim that movement from their#2 overall WFTDA ranking to current #6 might mean that their star is falling. In any case, with only the top three making it through to Champs, as per usual the most hard-fought game may well be the 3rd placer on Sunday at 4pm (MST). Otherwise it could be any of the games for teams on the rise and fall this long weekend, as they try to make a statement on the track when it matters most.

Read up on how each team has done so far this season, and then catch all the match-ups this weekend on You can also listen to Episode 6 of Derbyface to hear Winter, Nox, and Deadwards make picks for this weekend’s bracket.