B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls

D1 Champs: Rose City Strangles B.A.D., 191-145

D1 Champs: Rose City Strangles B.A.D., 191-145 Photo credit Donna Olmstead

ST. PAUL, MN – In a game between the two teams that have exchanged #2 and #3 positions throughout the season, the game play was always going to be visibly tense and competitive.

What developed was a game of familiar Rose City play – with alternating jammers, Scald Eagle and Loren Mutch, and their classic tripod blocking formations at the front of the pack. Bay Area’s game felt the loss of their former pushing jammers, as the more jukey, lightfooted jammers they have now didn’t stand a match for the heavyweights of Rose’s defensive line. In the end, Rose’s persistent points grabs paved the way for them to take home the win, 191-145.

2015 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Tucson Central

2015 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Tucson Central Photo by Danny Ngan Photography. facebook.com/dannynganphotography

The first of Division 1 playoffs takes place in Tucson Arizona, hosted by Tucson Roller Derby. 10 teams will hit the track to battle for the top 3 spots that will head to Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota. Return here all weekend long for your central update for scores, links to game recaps, and more. To watch the games live, go to WFTDA.tv.

D1T 1st Place: #1 Victoria Takes Gold From #2 Bay Area, 151-107

D1T 1st Place: #1 Victoria Takes Gold From #2 Bay Area, 151-107 Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography. facebook.com/donnaOphoto

TUCSON, AZ – The two top seeds of the Division 1 Tucson bracket met up for the final game on Sunday, and after the first quarter of the game stayed fairly close, #1 Victorian Roller Derby League pulled away from #2 B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls. With only 39 jams in this game, the second half saw long, laborious jams once both teams got ahold of some of their penalties. But Victoria dominated lead calls in a low scoring second half.

Despite a tighter jammer rotation, more penalties, and a short bench, Victoria still held on tightly with their braced defense, taking 1st place in the first D1 weekend, 151-107.

D1T: # 2 Bay Area turns #3 Arch Rival into Gold Dust, 163-103

D1T: # 2 Bay Area turns #3 Arch Rival into Gold Dust, 163-103 Photo by Regularman Photography. regularmanphotography.com

TUCSON, AZ- Habitually Bay Area takes a few jams—and sometimes minutes—to warm up their walls and lock the opposing jammers down, but not today. In Game 9, the game to decide who will qualify for champs and who will need to fight for 3rd, #2 Bay Area took early control of the game with a run of lead calls. They won 163-103 over #3 Arch Rival.

D1T: #2 Bay Areaaaaaa (#6) beats #7 Terminal City (#27), 251-77

TUCSON, AZ—Game 4 featured a slow-starting Bay Area against Terminal City and after a bit of back and forth, it ended with Bay Area firmly in control. This season has been an interesting one for Bay Area, with only 12 skaters remaining from last year’s charter and multiple transfers, BAD has taken its time to gel and make their style of play work for them. Throughout this year, Bay Area struggled more than anything to score, amd today against Terminal City Bay Area seemed to find an answer, 251-77.