Arizona Roller Derby

D1D: #10 Dallas finishes off #9 Arizona, 183-153

D1D: #10 Dallas finishes off #9 Arizona, 183-153 Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

DALLAS, TX – This consolation game was the second bout of the weekend for Arizona, while it was the third game for Dallas after they beat #7 seed Santa Cruz yesterday 170-162 before falling to #2 Texas 248-89 later in the day. Arizona lost to #8 Philly first thing Friday 163-108 so they have had more than a full day to recover for this final matchup.

Arizona started with a slow creeping lead but then a 25-point jam by Bayleigh Wheat opened things up for Dallas to take the lead and never look back. It was otherwise a very well matched, aggressive game with Arizona actually winning the second half in points and lead percentage. With more consistency in the Dallas jammer lineup, their defense was able to shut down Luz Chaos and keep larger scoring jams to a minimum. Dallas finished out the weekend with another seeding upset, 153-183 over Arizona.

D1D: #8 Philly pushes past #9 Arizona, 163-108

D1D: #8 Philly pushes past #9 Arizona, 163-108 Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

DALLAS, TX – With the world of flat track derby still learning how to cope with the new tournament structure, they find themselves faced already with the final Division 1 Playoff of the season. Kicking off the weekend was the game predicted to be the closest throughout the weekend with #8 seed Philly Roller Derby taking on #9 seed Arizona Roller Derby.

Arizona came out fired up and ready to break some brackets. It’s been since April since Arizona has played a team ranked above #30, but they did not look rusty at all. Philly, who has had an intense season between Tiny Tourney and SweatFest, looked confused and shaken early on. After an early Arizona lead, Philly pulled ahead and ultimately took the win 163-108.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Central

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Central Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

We are now entering weekend number five for WFTDA Playoffs, and the third Division 1 tournament. Half of the D1 Championships bracket is already filled out, and the top three finishers of this weekend will join London, Texas, Montréal, Rose City, Denver, and Jacksonville in Portland this November. If you want to see how those teams punched their tickets, read up on the games from Montréal and Columbia.

To read more about the ten teams attending the Playoff tournament this weekend browse our Vancouver preview.

D1V: #10 Arizona holds down #6 Naptown, 197-142

D1V: #10 Arizona holds down #6 Naptown, 197-142 Photo credit: Joe Mac

VANCOUVER, CA – The first game of Sunday morning brought together the #6 seed Naptown Roller Girls against Arizona Roller Derby. The Arizona Tent City Terrors were fighting to improve their tenth place entry to Vancouver, while the Tornado Sirens fought to stop the slide from their six place start.

While the teams hadn’t met since Skate to Thrill in April 2015, that battle had come out 262-115 in favor of the Terrors which seemed a fairly reasonable predictor of this game, ultimately. Strong recycling and blazing fast lateral jammer skills would propel Arizona to a repeat 197-142, as they secured a 9th place exit from the tournament.

D1V: #5 Terminal City topples #10 Arizona Tent City Terrors, 231-95

D1V: #5 Terminal City topples #10 Arizona Tent City Terrors, 231-95 Photo credit: Derby With Recess

VANCOUVER, BC- The second game of day two of Divison 1 playoffs in Vancouver saw the host league, Terminal City, fend off a challenge by Arizona Roller Derby’s Tent City Terrors, relying on consistent defense and relatively clean game play to prove dominant in the contest. Arizona pulled no punches but ultimately came up short, with a final score of 231-95.