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D1V: #2 Angel City wreaks vengence on #3 Rat City, 256-54

D1V: #2 Angel City wreaks vengence on #3 Rat City, 256-54 Photo credit: Derby With Recess

VANCOUVER, BC – If anyone had any thoughts about yesterday’s highest score at any playoffs record-making performance being some kind of abberation in Angel City’s history of play, this game was to put that thought out of people’s minds. Although by no means as spectacular a game as the one they played against yesterday’s opponents, Sacred City, Angel City put up a solid shut down for literally half the game, using lead jammer calls to their full advantage. The final score reflected that, Angel City taking the win 256-54.

D1V: #2 Angel City outshines #7 Sacred City, 602-45

D1V: #2 Angel City outshines #7 Sacred City, 602-45 Photo credit: Derby With Recess

VANCOUVER, BC – Angel City set up an epic clamp-down with their quickly reforming defensive walls, and strategic offensive bids, with it taking over 15 minutes before Sacred City’s The 4closer was able to put in one single jam 10-point addition on a powerjam start. Only one further tiny four-point addition that whole half for Sacred City saw Angel City’s climb almost unrelenting.

In the second half, Sacred City visibly realized that strong offensive plays were their only hope, and started sliding in small points grabs. But Angel City kept skyrocketing the score so that the game ended 602-45, reportedly the highest number of points ever scored by one team at a playoffs game.

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Preview

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Vancouver Preview Photo credit: Danny Ngan Photography.

This coming weekend in Vancouver will be a bracket full of teams who have their eyes on the prize: the top three exit spots. Yes, that could be said of every tournament weekend, but this particular playoff has a number of teams that are particularly motivated to make it to the top.

Hosts, Terminal City, will be looking to prove themselves to their home fans. Stockholm is going to want to represent Europe in the top 12. Victoria is likely to be interested in both validating their epic travel miles by earning a bye into the Champs bracket, and prove that their WFTDA #2 ranking is no joke. Philly will be wanting to return to Champs after missing out on a trip last year for the first time in the history of WFTDA play. And #4 seed Rat City is going to want to prove that they can repeat their win earlier in the year against #2 Angel City, while ACDG is looking to show that that was a fluke game.

In fact, all of the teams involved will have fires lit under them. This should be an interesting weekend. May we live in interesting times.

The 2016 Big O WFTDA Review, Part 1

The 2016 Big O WFTDA Review, Part 1 Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

EUGENE, OR – The Big O was the first time many WFTDA teams hit the track in sanctioned play this season, and gave us an idea of what the top level teams will look like in 2016. Many leagues saw skaters moving and transferring since the 2015 WFTDA tournaments, so the Big O was a chance for teams to work with their updated rosters and try new strategies. For a detailed overview of how the teams are looking this season, check out our Part 1 and Part 2 previews of the WFTDA teams who attended the Big O.

Victoria won all four of their games, including a tough game against reigning WFTDA Champs, Rose City, and Arch Rival had a clean sweep of their three games as well. Sacred City was the third team to go undefeated at the Big O, playing only two games, but taking on teams who have been a bit of a wild card in the rankings this year.

On the flip side, both Denver and Rocky Mountain lost all three of their bouts in Eugene, and are two teams that look much different this season than last. Auld Reekie flew in from the UK, and although they lost all four of their games, these will help them get a truer rank this season, possibly bumping them into tournament eligibility – a place they ended up just outside of in 2015.

VRDL overcomes a slow start against ACDG, wins 183-94

VRDL overcomes a slow start against ACDG, wins 183-94 Photo credit: Matt Becker Photography.

When Angel City and Victoria met Sunday afternoon at the Big O, the #2-ranked Australians already had three wins behind them, including one against the 2015 Champions Rose City. There was a lot of uncertainty prior to the weekend as it was the first time playing sanctioned games this season for most of the teams attending the invitational, but it came as a surprise to most to see #7 (March Rankings) Angel City hold Victoria scoreless for the first five minutes. 

With their recent transfer from VRDL, Tui Lyon, Angel City seemed to have gotten all of her insider knowledge to take control of the game from the start. Victoria is used to playing patiently however, and with just 11 skaters seeing track time, they turned things around and took a solid win, 183-94.