D1V: #1 Victoria vanquishes #2 Angel City, 143-140

D1V: #1 Victoria vanquishes #2 Angel City, 143-140 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

VANCOUVER, BC- The first place game between #2 tournament seed Angel City and #1 Victoria, determining who will get a bye in Portland, OR at WFTDA Champs in November, was a rollercoaster of lead changes and penalties that came down to the very last jam.

Both teams had played impressively well throughout the weekend, to that point – including Angel City’s record setting high score against Sacred in the first day of play – which gave few indicators as to how this particular game might go down. The result was a game riddled with jammer penalties for Victoria, and showcasing the strong offense-defense switches of Angel City who held game lead for much of play, that ultimately came down to the final game minutes, when Victoria claimed victory.

Earlier in the season at the Big O, ACDG lost to VRDL 183-94, and though Victoria came out on top in this contest as well, it proved to be a very different game.  Victoria pulled out this win in the final jam, to take 1st place at the 2016 D1 International WFTDA Vancouver Playoffs, ultimately defeating Angel City, 143-140.

VRDL overcomes a slow start against ACDG, wins 183-94

VRDL overcomes a slow start against ACDG, wins 183-94 Photo credit: Matt Becker Photography.

When Angel City and Victoria met Sunday afternoon at the Big O, the #2-ranked Australians already had three wins behind them, including one against the 2015 Champions Rose City. There was a lot of uncertainty prior to the weekend as it was the first time playing sanctioned games this season for most of the teams attending the invitational, but it came as a surprise to most to see #7 (March Rankings) Angel City hold Victoria scoreless for the first five minutes. 

With their recent transfer from VRDL, Tui Lyon, Angel City seemed to have gotten all of her insider knowledge to take control of the game from the start. Victoria is used to playing patiently however, and with just 11 skaters seeing track time, they turned things around and took a solid win, 183-94.

D1 Champs: London takes down Angel City, 158-126

D1 Champs: London takes down Angel City, 158-126 Photo by Donna Olmstead

ST. PAUL, MN — The last time #3 London and #6 Angel City met, it was on ACDG’s hometurf and London finished with nearly a 100-point win. It looked like it was going to be another London dominated game as they got off to an early lead, but Angel City slowly chipped away at their lead before taking it over with a 57% lead status advantage in the first half.

London resumed the lead before the half, but Angel City assured that it would be anyone’s game until the very end. Blocker penalties ultimately diminished Angel City’s effectiveness and London Brawling secured their advancement in the tournament with a 158-126 win over the Hollywood Scarlets.