2017 D1 Playoffs

D1M: 1st Place, #1 Gotham outdoes #2 Denver, 176-85

D1M: 1st Place, #1 Gotham outdoes #2 Denver, 176-85 Photo credit Marko Niemelä

MALMO, SWEDEN – When Gotham strides into a game, it usually seems like an inevitability who’s likely to come out on top – people tend to just cheer for the underdog and keep an interested eye on what points spreads say about each team’s relative rankings. But in this game, with two players on the roster who have experience beating Gotham, there was always going to be a little extra tension around the game conclusion. Certainly, no one was about to speak with absolute certainty what the outcome might be.

Going into this game, both teams were liable to have been relaxed since both of the final games for the day are between teams that have already confirmed their places at Champs in Philly this year. And it’s always an interesting unfolding, when teams have nothing but next year’s rankings on their mind when they enter a game in playoffs: some respond with joy by playing up, with no nerves to contend with, while others seem to have a more lax entry and a slightly sloppier play than their usual.

Either way, Gotham vs Denver was going to be some excellent roller derby, and so when Gotham finally won with a score of 176-85, the audience was satisfied that they’d had an opportunity to watch some stellar play.

D1M: #2 Denver surpasses #3 London, 214-102

D1M: #2 Denver surpasses #3 London, 214-102 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – #3 London Rollergirls had two of the most anticipated games of the weekend. Saturday morning, London barely edged past a hungry #6 Rainy City team, to earn their spot to play against #2 Denver Roller Derby that evening. Meanwhile, Denver handled #7 Stockholm Saturday morning to punch their ticket to Champs and get a shot at a number one seed in Philadelphia.

What eventuated was far closer and more of a battle than the final score of 214-102 might imply, with Scald Eagle taking on the most points jamming for her new Colorado team against the London slow grinding churning tripods of London. What some people have overlooked is that Scald Eagle is not the only Rose City transplant on the Denver team and that last year’s Champs MVP, Brawn Swanson, is a bonus to the Denver defensive line and was part of the closer for London’s fate.

#TacoTravelTips: EuroTravel and Roller Derby

#TacoTravelTips: EuroTravel and Roller Derby Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Delayed or Cancelled Flight? No problem.
Taco’s got some info for you that will make your trip 1 Hydra percent smoother.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 2017 marks the start of a new era in International Roller Derby!

We’re moments away from the final day of play for this weekend’s FIRST international playoff in Malmo, and this past weekend’s amazing gameplay in Seattle by Argentina’s 2×4 Roller Derby is setting the stage for some serious global action in our sport. With the Roller Derby World Summit in the books and the Roller Derby World Cup on the horizon, travel talk has been something on everyone’s mind.

D1M: #1 Gotham beats #4 Crime City, 237-65

D1M: #1 Gotham beats #4 Crime City, 237-65 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMO, SWEDEN   The home team enjoyed an enthusiastic crowd and multiple standing ovations for excellent turns of defense and impressive offensive maneuvers. Overall, the game was filled with slow grinding braces, great team and individual defense, and violent knockouts and draw backs on both sides.

In the end, Crime City could not hold back Gotham’s offensive power and Gotham, despite a slow start, took the win with a score of 237-65.

D1M: #8 Detroit stops #10 Terminal City, 257-181

D1M: #8 Detroit stops #10 Terminal City, 257-181 Photo Credit Peter Troest

MALMO, SWEDEN – Detroit started off this game strong with smooth jamming up the outside lines, and strong defense that resulted in a dominant first half.

In the second half, Terminal City was able to earn lead status roughly half of the time, which helped combat some blocker penalties that began to take their on the team toll late in the game.

Despite the penalty trouble, Terminal City did mount a comeback attempt in the last third of the second half, but it came too late to surpass the early lead Detroit built. In the end, Detroit carried the win, 257 – 181.