S.S. Roller Derby Podcast

The S.S. Roller Derby sails into Champs

HAPPY FALL! The S.S. Roller Derby set sail a little early this month, because we’re just that excited to share the new episode with you all. Plus! We found ourselves a proper recording studio, so things are sounding a lot better aboard this ship, if we do say so ourselves.

All Aboard the S.S. Roller Derby Podcast

Get to know the newest derby podcast that digs into the human side of the sport

“Don’t do it.”

I’d been thinking about starting my own roller derby podcast for at least a year before I finally decided to move ahead with plans to make it happen. When I first put out the word that I was going to do it, that was the response from more than one well-meaning friend.

And I get it: running a podcast is difficult enough on its own, given the technical aspects and the fact that we all have busy lives. Producing something on a schedule is tough. Add in the wide world of a very opinionated souls that make up roller derby, and it can also sometimes be rough sailing to navigate feelings around one topic or another. Derby has had only a few long-lasting podcasts (the excellent Derby Deeds comes to mind), and they usually ended simply because the folks running the shows hit burn-out.