New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Dublin Roller Derby

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Dublin Roller Derby Photo credit: Roller Derby on Film.

As Ireland’s first roller derby team, Dublin Roller Derby now takes the title of the first Irish team to make it to WFTDA Playoffs as well. With teams becoming more accurately ranked in Europe, Dublin managed to earn their trip to Pittsburgh without a prior trip across the Atlantic in 2017.

Ranked #58, Dublin may have snuck into Playoffs, but they have been making progress in leaps and bounds and are excited to take hold of this opportunity and show that they shouldn’t be underestimated.

2017 MRDA Playoffs and Championships

2017 MRDA Playoffs and Championships Photo credit: John Hesse.

Last November, the Men’s Roller Derby Association announced a new structure for their post season tournaments which has expanded to include two regional playoffs. Like WFTDA, this year is also the first time a MRDA tournament will be held outside the United States, and in fact, none of the three men’s tournaments are in the states this season. The new format has 20 teams participating and the first five teams will compete this weekend in Toulouse, France for two spots at Championships.

2017 WFTDA June Rankings and Tournament Seeding

2017 WFTDA June Rankings and Tournament Seeding Photo credit: Preflash Gordon.

The 2017 WFTDA Tournament placement day is here, and with it came a few surprises. When WFTDA released the locations and dates for this year’s tournaments, they also announced a new structure to Playoffs and Championships. This is the first time we get to see brackets for the new arrangement, and with some teams missing out on the action this season, five teams below the cutoff got invites to participate at Playoffs. Read on to see how the WFTDA sorting hat placed teams this year, and where to catch your favorites.

2018 World Cup: Team Canada

2018 World Cup: Team Canada Photo credit: Marc-Antoine Vachon Photography.

Team Canada released their roster early last November with the anticipation of a 2017 World Cup date since the previous two Cups took place in December of 2011 and 2014. With the Roller Derby World Cup announcement that the tournament will take place February 1-4 of 2018, they will have a bit more time to organize and train, as will the 39 other teams attending.

Canada has been a big contender at past World Cup tournaments, taking second place to the USA in 2011, and then placing fourth in 2014 after falling to Australia on the final day, 197-128. The roster for 2018 looks a lot different than 2014, and with a vision to build a sustainable national team, Team Canada will be laying strong groundwork over the next year to prepare for the World Cup and beyond.

June 23-25, 2017: The Final Rankings Push

June 23-25, 2017: The Final Rankings Push Photo credit: Regularman Photography -

This last weekend in June is the final big stretch of games before the rankings are tallied and teams are lined up for WFTDA’s Playoff tournaments this fall. Three big events are happening in different regions of the United States with a few single games sprinkled in.

In Portland, Oregon, the #3 Rose City Rollers are hosting Hometown Throwdown and have invited #4 Angel City, #5 Texas, and #6 London to join them. In the Midwest, Arch Rival and the GateKeepers organized the second year of Sibling Rivalry in St. Louis, Missouri with men’s and women’s teams joining them for the three day event. East Coast Derby Extravaganza is taking place in Feasterville, Pennsylvania with three different tracks, A and B WFTDA teams, as well as men’s and junior teams.