2017 WFTDA D2 Tournaments: Pittsburgh Central

The 2017 WFTDA D2 Playoffs and Championships took place in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend of August 18-20th. This was the first time that both Playoff brackets ran concurrently on two tracks on Friday and Saturday and then fed into a Championship bracket on Sunday.

Read up on all 16 teams who attended with our Pittsburgh Preview, and check out the rest of WFTDA Playoffs with our June Rankings and Seeding analysis. Get to know the leagues who were new to WFTDA D2 Playoffs this year: Dublin, Pirate City, Middlesbrough, Paris, E-Ville, and Auld Reekie (coming soon).

2017 WFTDA D2 Tournaments: Pittsburgh Preview

2017 WFTDA D2 Tournaments: Pittsburgh Preview Photo credit: Zero G Photography.

This weekend will kick off the 2017 WFTDA postseason starting with Division 2 Playoffs and Championships. Things have changed a bit for D2 this year with the amended tournament structure WFTDA announced last fall. What were previously two Playoff brackets have come together in one tournament, with eight teams in each bracket. The Championship round will happen this Sunday instead of later in November as in previous years.

This year, there are five teams who are participating in D2 for the first time, some teams who have been edged out of Division 1, and only three teams who played at D2s last season. None of the four D2 Championship teams from last year are returning to this division either, which will make this weekend a little unpredictable as these 16 teams will compete to take over the Division 2 title.

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: E-Ville Roller Derby

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: E-Ville Roller Derby Photo credit: Matt Duboff Photography.

E-Ville Roller Derby is one of four Canadian teams who qualified for WFTDA Playoffs this year. They join the list of seven teams making the trip for the first time in 2017.

Although the team is located in North America, travel can still be a big undertaking for Canadian teams. E-Ville has been around for over a decade, but they only recently became a member of WFTDA.

Read on to see how their journey will take them from Edmonton, Alberta, to Pittsburgh, PA, this weekend for Division 2 Playoffs.

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Paris Rollergirls

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Paris Rollergirls Photo credit: Cedric Hervaud.

The Paris Rollergirls are another team putting their country on the WFTDA map this year, with their Playoff debut. Like most teams with a competitive edge, they dreamed of making tournaments and after taking a risk, Paris realized how attainable their goals really were.

Going 5-0 in sanctioned games this season, Paris’s passion is taking them all the way to Pittsburgh, PA, as a #3 seed at the Division 2 Playoffs. Read on to learn more about the French roller derby scene, and how the drive and commitment of the Paris Rollergirls have taken them this far.

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Pirate City Rollers

New to WFTDA 2017 Playoffs: Pirate City Rollers Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

So far we have highlighted a few teams from Europe that are debuting at WFTDA Playoffs this season, but now sail with us over to New Zealand to get to know the Pirate City Rollers.

As the team of firsts for leagues in Aotearoa, Pirate City’s desire to make it to WFTDA tournaments helped them overcome various obstacles due to their location. Pirate City was established in 2006, and formed its all-star team—the All Scars—in 2009. This weekend in Pittsburgh, this team from Auckland finally gets their chance at a bracket in WFTDA postseason.