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2016 WFTDA Rankings Review

2016 WFTDA Rankings Review Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

2016 was another exciting year in WFTDA roller derby. It had rising stars, tough matchups, and a strong challenge at the top to take home the Hydra. Gotham tried to prove that a small hiccup in their record was nothing to worry about, but Rose City followed through with a repeat Championships victory in front of their home crowd.

Division 2 did not disappoint either with numerous underdogs keeping any of the top three seeded teams from making it out of their respective D2 playoffs alive. Blue Ridge came back from the outer realm to be the first D2 team to make it all the way to Championships for the second time and Calgary pushed hard in their first year qualifying for WFTDA tournaments.

With WFTDAs’ recent 2017 Playoff announcements, this year only the top 52 leagues will qualify for postseason tournaments, so the competition will be even tighter to make it to the top. Here’s a roundup of rankings highlights from last year, and possible teams to look out for in 2017.

WFTDA 2016 September rankings & Algorithm Update

WFTDA 2016 September rankings & Algorithm Update Photo credit: Matthew Becker Photography.

Last week, WFTDA released the September 30th rankings, which includes all Division 1 and 2 Playoff games, and announced that membership had voted in a ‘decay function’ for the rankings. We have a few highlights of team movement since the June rankings release and a look at where the teams have settled heading into Championships.

2016 MRDA Champs Seeding Announcement

2016 MRDA Champs Seeding Announcement Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

After weeks of speculation of which Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) teams were going to be included in the governing body’s post-season tournament, the ten entrants, and their respective seeds, were finally revealed.

The MRDA 2016 Championships, “LoneStar Showdown,” takes place October 15-16 in North Richland Hills, Texas. The bracketed tournament, similar to last year’s configuration, launches with a pair of play-in games that precedes a quarterfinal round.

2016 WFTDA June Rankings and Tournament Seeding

2016 WFTDA June Rankings and Tournament Seeding Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

Today, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association released its June rankings along with the 2016 Playoff seeding. Each year the WFTDA tournament season seems to become more and more “International” and this year Playoffs include a record high of 14 teams from outside the United States, coming from six different countries. Although still contained to the continent of North America, this is the second year tournaments will extend outside U.S. borders with with two taking place in Canada.

While that small growth spurt is exciting, there’s still a long way to go for the International WFTDA scene to balance out. Want to bring WFTDA tournaments to your region in 2017? Put in a bid by August 8th to host one next year.

Read on to see who managed to earn a spot in the top 60 just in time, who declined their invite, and where to find your favorite teams this fall.

March 2016 WFTDA Recap & Rankings

March 2016 WFTDA Recap & Rankings Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Since WFTDA Championships last November there has been very little movement in the WFTDA rankings, but March seemed to kick start the competitive season with tournaments all around the globe. From Quad City Chaos to The European Smackdown to the Japan Open, teams across WFTDA, and the world, saw some of their first big games and gave us a glimpse of what may lie ahead this season.