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WFTDA 2017 Rules Update: Major Format Changes

WFTDA 2017 Rules Update: Major Format Changes Photo credit: Deadwards

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association released the new rules at the beginning of the month, and we took a quick look at them last week and talked in general about the updated look and changes to the format. Now we are going to delve a little deeper to break down the organization of the Rulebook and the Casebook and how WFTDA went from 74 pages of rules to a much more condensed version.

Here, we will look at the rules as a whole and break them down for those who are familiar with the old format as well as those taking on derby for the first time and have no clue what they’re looking at.

We recommend spending some time with the rules, even if you had the old set memorized, and then follow up by reading them again alongside the Casebook. It sets up scenarios that teams could easily play out at practice, and catch even the derby veteran up to speed on the intricacies of things such as scoring or star passes – always a good thing.

WFTDA 2017 Rules Update

WFTDA 2017 Rules Update Photo credit: Deadwards

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has experienced many changes over the course of 2016. Early in the year, WFTDA announced plans to unify officiating certification with the Men’s Roller Derby Association while suspending the certification program itself a few months later to iron out the transition process. In April Cassie Haynes was selected as the new Executive Director after Bloody Mary stepped down prior to her retirement from skating at the end of the season. Then, just before WFTDA Championships, WFTDA rolled out their new website with both fan and member components.

Things haven’t slowed down since tournaments, and on December 2nd WFTDA released the newest version of their rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and it looks much different than before. They previously intended on revealing them in December with an enforcement date of January 1st, but with such an extensive overhaul, there are updated documents slated to be released February 1st. This means that leagues will have until February 15th to read up and apply any changes to the track.

2018 Roller Derby World Cup Announcement

2018 Roller Derby World Cup Announcement Photo credit: Danforth Johnson

The location and dates for the third Roller Derby World Cup were announced today, information that skaters all over the world were eager to hear. The first two Cups were held in North America, Toronto in 2011 and Dallas in 2014, and took place over the first weekend in December. This year, however, it will be moving to a new continent and will be pushed back a little further to put the next World Cup tournament in 2018.

2016 MRDA Champs Central

2016 MRDA Champs Central Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

The Championships for the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) is taking place in North Richland Hills, Texas, and hosted by Texas Men’s Roller Derby. Over the 15th and 16th, ten teams will battle through the bracket to decide the 2016 Champion.

WFTDA 2016 September rankings & Algorithm Update

WFTDA 2016 September rankings & Algorithm Update Photo credit: Matthew Becker Photography.

Last week, WFTDA released the September 30th rankings, which includes all Division 1 and 2 Playoff games, and announced that membership had voted in a ‘decay function’ for the rankings. We have a few highlights of team movement since the June rankings release and a look at where the teams have settled heading into Championships.