Q’s Tips: New Year, New Goals

I’m officially retired and it’s been an interesting transition. My goal was to taper myself off of practices (just like the junkie I am) and slowly switch over to reffing. Honestly, it hasn’t been the easiest thing to do; I’m basically walking away from eight years of one of the most exciting hobbies I’ve ever had, but life without change becomes boring and stale. Even though I’m shifting my focus to a different part of derby, I still have goals in derby.

2016 Concluded

2016 Concluded Photo credit: Deadwards

If you haven’t been over to our Facebook page, we’ve uploaded submissions from numerous photographers for three different categories depicting 2016. We received some great shots from photographers we hadn’t seen before and from places all over the world! Below we have put all three albums in one place and then listed each of the photographers who submitted and where you can find their work.

Holiday Gear Guide

Holiday Gear Guide Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

The holidays are nearly here and that means three things: a much-needed off-season break, an abundance of festive gatherings, and the time to prep for the 2017 roller derby season. While there’s no way for us here at Derby Central to mention every awesome bit of derby gear, apparel, or collectibles out there, here are some suggestions from Disaster Chief to start skaters off on the right foot next year.

Roller Derby Retirement Letter

Roller Derby Retirement Letter Photo credit: Deadwards

For those who feel the call of retirement coming on, but don’t quite know how to put into words what you should say to your league, Derby Central is here to help you out with our Mad Libs Retirement Letter.

2016: Year in Pictures

2016: Year in Pictures Photo credit: Deadwards

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on how the last 12 months in Roller Derby went. By the time we hit December there have been so many tournaments, games, traveling, and general life things keeping us busy, it’s hard to remember what happened as far back as January. After what’s felt like a very, very long year, we thought the best way to re-live it is to sit back and look at some amazing images.

There are tons of great photographers around the world documenting our sport and ensuring that some of the most exciting games and history-making moments are being immortalized. That way when we’re in our old age, we can reunite with our teammates, A League of Their Own style, and look back and remember the time that Rose City beat Gotham on their home turf or Europe held their first Division 1 tournament.