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D2L 3rd Place: #1 Charm City Sneaks By #3 Wasatch, 197-194

D2L 3rd Place: #1 Charm City Sneaks By #3 Wasatch, 197-194 Photo credit Juan Paden.

LANSING, MI – After a weekend full of upsets, the 3rd place game in Lansing brought together the #1 and #3 seeds, Charm City All Stars and Wasatch Roller Midnight Terror respectively. From the very first jam, it was clear this was going to be a closely matched game in both skill and determination. There was a nearly even split on lead jammer status from both teams, and with most jams only yielding a handful of points and not lasting the full two minutes, this was an exciting battle for fans and players alike.

After a continual back and forth of lead change after lead change, and strong defense and consistent jamming by each team, Charm City clenched the win in the last few seconds, and took third place overall in the Lansing D2 playoffs.

D2W: #4 Brandywine Stops #7 Blue Ridge, 146-123

D2W: #4 Brandywine Stops #7 Blue Ridge, 146-123 Photo credit Donna Olmstead

WICHITA, KS – In the battle for #1 seed heading into the WFTDA Championships in Portland, OR, two underdog teams took the track with both jammer strength and smart defense. #4 seed Brandywine, who upset the tournament #1 seed Jet City Rollergirls Saturday afternoon came into the game with focus and determination. They took on #7 seed Blue Ridge, who also had an upset win over #2 seed Houston Roller Derby on Friday, followed by an upset over Nashville Rollergirls Saturday.

Both teams seemed determined to win the championship game, and after a close and exciting game, Brandywine clenched the win, 146-123. Both teams will advance to Portland, OR, where they will play the top two teams from Lansing.

D2W: #5 Kansas City Bowls Over #10 Carolina, 182-150

D2W: #5 Kansas City Bowls Over #10 Carolina, 182-150 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

WICHITA, KS – In the eighth Game of the 2016 Division 2 WFTDA playoffs, the #5 seed Kansas City Roller Warriors took on #10 seed Carolina Rollergirls. Both teams were coming off of tough losses in the first day of the tournament – Kansas City losing 223-112 to #4 seed Brandywine and Carolina taking a 309-94 loss to Blue Ridge Rollergirls. This game was closely matched, despite the large seeding difference between the two teams, with Kansas City and Carolina both bringing consistently strong, collected defense and a wide jammer rotation.

The first half was a close match with Carolina on Kansas City’s tail for most of the period, but Kansas City’s cohesive offense and defense proved to be enough to overtake Carolina in the second. Even with a surge by Carolina in the last jam, the Kansas City Roller Warriors took the win 182-150 and will advance to play the Boulder County Bombers today at 6 PM CDT.

K-Town Shakedown Central

K-Town Shakedown Central Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Kalamazoo, MI – With the absence of the annual Spring Roll tournament in 2016, the Killamazoo Derby Darlins launched a brand new tournament this year to take its place – dubbed K-Town Shakedown. This tournament brings together teams of all levels from across the U.S. and Canada, including three MRDA teams. K-Town features 12 WFTDA-sanctioned games, and 33 total games throughout the weekend.

Hello From the Other Side: Retirement and Roller Derby

Admittedly, I came up with the title for this article before I had any real sense of where it was going to go. You can thank Adele for that. But, as I come near to a year and a half of my own retirement from skating, I feel this topic is genuinely important for new, veteran, and obviously retired skaters, coaches, and officials.