Brittney Bieberich aka White Flight

Land of the Free…

Land of the Free… Image by Quick'N'Derby.

Taking a knee is something we are familiar with in the world of derby.

There was a time when a whole team line would use it as a loophole to force the jammer release, back in the days of the single and double whistle starts.

There’s the knee drop prior to the single whistle start, giving your jammer the opportunity to draw the out of play penalty on the opposing team who refuses to move off of the jammer line.

Some people have been using it to break the pack after offensive plays.

Then there is the taking of a knee when someone has gone down hard and wasn’t able to get back up right away. This knee in derby is a show of solidarity and respect of the person on the floor.

Race and Roller Derby, installment #2: The ‘little’ things

Race and Roller Derby, installment #2: The ‘little’ things Image credit Deadwards

Welcome back, my intrepid investigators!

We have successfully built a baseline from which to begin our conversation about race and roller derby. I suppose, considering recent events in the world, the timing of all of this could not, unfortunately, be more perfect.

So now come to visit the dimly lit space where some of your teammates dreadfully await the moment they have to choose… Derby tranquility? Or speak my truth?

This episode is about micro-aggressions and their macro impact on skaters, teams, leagues, and the sport of roller derby itself.

Race and Roller Derby, Part 1

Race and Roller Derby, Part 1 Image by Deadwards

This piece is a beginnings of the intersections of race, sex, gender, and sexuality in the context of playing roller derby.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that many people have experience with aspects of what this piece contains. Those experiences are no less important or valid than my own.  

This piece is about having a voice in a space that – on its face – is for everyone, but in practice inevitably falls short at times.