2017 WFTDA D1 Champs: #4 Angel City brings it home against #18 Rat City, 219-94

2017 WFTDA D1 Champs: #4 Angel City brings it home against #18 Rat City, 219-94 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – At the Division 1 Playoff in Seattle, #4 Angel City met #18 Rat City and took an 82 point victory. While the last time Rat City took a win against Angel City, it was in Portland at the 2016 Hometown Throwdown and only by a slim 6 point margin, so the skaters from Seattle knew they had their work ahead of them to beat the odds.

In a game that many people believed was going to be a runaway victory for Angel City, but Rat was able to keep composed for most of the game, finally losing a grasp on their control and losing to the Hollywood Scarlets, 219-94.

Angel City came into the game with strong triangles and flowing recycling, and the fast-moving agility of Satan’s Little Helper helped to to put the team up to a quick lead.

But then Alyssa Pray came out [metaphorically] swinging in the second jam, aided by teammates CeeCee and H Botts, to reclaim the lead for Rat City. They held strong for the next four jams, keeping Angel City jammer Catch Mikachu grounded while snatching up small grabs of points here and there.

As the period progressed, Angel City’s full range came out to play, and their key blockers started to show just how serious they were. Ima Blowbya, Rachel Rotten, and Soledad were particularly eager to shut off Rat’s flow of energy.

Meanwhile, Luna Negra and Pray were the only jammers to gain lead in the first half, and Luna was the only one to hit more than a 50% lead. Tui Lyon continued her penalty-free weekend, keeping her game squeaky clean while effectively peeling open tiny gaps for Mikachu and Darby Dagger to bounce through.

Angel City worked to put a comfortable point spread between themselves and Rat, but their star passes to CeeCee helped stem much of the bleeding, often capping Angel City at a 10 point pass by following smartly up the rear. Those little chips started to add up, and going into the half Angel had nearly doubled Rat City’s score, at 103-53.

G10 - Angel City vs Rat City-16

The second half opened with a full-on assault return from Rat City. R Rickel and Amethyst were seemingly everywhere across the full breadth of the track, filling gaps and keeping Angel City contained, to allow Rat City jammers Pray and Luna the time to put up solid point reply jams apiece.

Angel City surged back soon after, however, shutting down all hopes of a Rat City comeback. While the team did not perceptibly alter any key strategy, they simply tightened their speed control and cleaned up their line hygiene to strong effect.

Suddenly, no one could consistently use the edges except for Angel City’s own jammers – and use them they did. Angel City hit the gas and did not let up, bringing the final to 219 – 94 by the final whistle.

Over the game, Darby Dagger earned lead jammer an impressive 89% of her 9 jams, and contributed a solid 65 points to the score. The elastic Satan’s Little Helper gained lead 73% and put up 59 points, making her three game total for the weekend for Angel City a massive 64% lead jam over 33 jams, with 190 points scored overall. In comparison, Rat City’s Luna Negra and Pray tied for lead jam winner, both claiming 43% of their 14 jams. Luna Negra was top jammer for the weekend, putting up 103 points over both games, and earning lead 48% of her 25 jams.

With that 219-94 win, Angel City leaves the tournament with more wins than losses under their belt, and the knowledge of a job well done. While Rat exits with a little less satisfaction, and a lot of stellar play moments that will stay in the memories of Philly’s fans. Both teams will get to kick back and watch the final game of play, with Sunday promising many edge-of-seat games to come.

G10 - Angel City vs Rat City-3

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