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Support Roller Derby Coverage Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

With only a few months left in 2017, the WFTDA Division 1 Championships will be the last big event that the whole roller derby world will be tuning into. We would love any support you could throw our way to help us finish out the 2017 season of tournament coverage.

We have a few different ways you can help Derby Central out whether it’s monthly donations or even a few things that only take minutes of your time.

Buy our Shirt!

Animal Mother looking fab in a Men's Medium.

Animal Mother looking fab in a Men’s Medium.

Having a hard time deciding which team logo to represent on your chest? Go neutral with a Derby Central tee! These super soft vintage blue t-shirts are a must-have and cost $20. We have a limited availability of sizes currently (listed below with sizing chart), but if we don’t have your size and you’re interested in one in the future, send us a message and let us know so we can gauge what to order down the road.

To get it mailed to you, just PayPal us $23 USD (+$3 for shipping in the United States, contact for international shipping prices). Arrangements can be made for Deadwards to bring your shirt to Championships if you order before the end of the month! Fill out an order form here. (Get confirmation of size availability before sending money.)

Current Quantities:
Women’s Sizes:
Small – 5, Medium – 4, Large – 2
Men’s Sizes: Medium – (out of stock!), Large 4


HPS = Highest point of shoulder to the bottom hem.

HPS = Highest point of shoulder to the bottom hem.


If your closet is already full of t-shirts and you’d rather help us out monetarily, we have two options. You can send us a one-time donation through Paypal, or monthly contribution through Patreon. Both can be any amount you choose and we appreciate whatever you are able to share!

Partner with Us!

We offer a variety of advertising options to fit your company’s needs. Let Derby Central help you reach your audience! There are different ways to go about this from advertising on our site, opportunities through our coverage of WFTDA tournaments, or sponsored content.

Contact for more details.

Contribute your time!

Sit track side and write about roller derby! Photo credit: Preflash Gordon.

Sit trackside and write about roller derby! Photo credit: Preflash Gordon.

If you just don’t have the extra bucks to spare right now, there are still ways you can help us out. We are always looking for more writers and contributors to help us fill content. Much like the sport itself, if you’ve got the interest and basic familiarity with writing, we can work with you to become a recap writer. The year is always full of events to cover from The Big O, to tournaments in South America, and the major Playoff and Championship tournaments. There are plenty of derby happenings all over the world that we haven’t been able to cover or spend enough time on because we are such a small crew right now. If this sort of thing interests you, e-mail

Furthermore, we are looking for regular contributors as well. We know many of you have a specific passion within our sport and if you would be willing to put together some words on a regular basis on a topic, we would love to share your thoughts with the world! It could be more coverage-oriented like monthly updates on your WFTDA part of the world (I’m looking at you Southern Hemisphere) or other topics we have had less of like MRDA/JRDA/banked track/etc. You can also go the editorial route and write about the culture of roller derby. We are open to ideas and suggestions, so let us know what you have in mind, send a note to

If writing is not your thing, but you can take pictures, create graphics, are a whiz with computery things, or have another way of helping our business grow, let us know!

Be social!

The simplest way you can show us support is to share the things we produce. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can always see what we are up to and click those ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons! Sharing our coverage helps roller derby as a sport grow as we help lift up the voices within it and get more and more people to read about it.

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